Sunday, March 16, 2008

moveee reviuuu

Run Fat Boy Run – 8.0
Another great comedy starring (from shaun of the dead). Certainly not the best comedy out there because it uses a lot of the same formula that has been used in past comedy movies; but this movie kinda stands out because it succeeded in making the audience care about the main character and want to see him get through his story to the end. Funny and entertaining.

Lars And The Real Girl – 8.4
Surprise, surprise. Who would have thought that a film about a guy and his sex doll has more depth and meaning about life and love than basically thousands of other mediocre dramas and movies out there? A delusional guy puts life, emotion and feelings into a sex doll he bought from the internet. His older brother and his wife, realizing that he has some serious problems, seeks help from the small town’s community, and that resulted in a warm support from everyone to play along and help him with his elusions. As bizarre as a sex doll, the main focus in the film is about the fear of losing someone you love and the strong emotions attached to that emotion, and how the human mind could make up imaginations and make-believes to control that emotion from going out of control and jut ‘pop’. Great performance by the main character Lars, played by Ryan Gosling. His ability to express multiple emotions and thoughts throughout the entire film is just amazing. This is definitely a good movie. Funny, touching and made me think about it for some time after finished viewing. Highly Recommended.

それでも僕はやっていない – 8.3
(English Title: Even So, I Didn't Do It) Another fantastic movie from Masayaki Suo (Shall We Dance?). A dude got accused of groping a middle school girl in a packed train, got arrested and charged, but he insisted his innocence to battle through Japan’s unjust justice system. An intricate examination of the problems of an authoritarian judicial system where an individual faces the full, unchecked weight of state power. Truly got me interested because I live in japan, rides train packed with school girls wearing slutty short skirts and I’m innocent. The movie shows us how evil the justice system is. The majority of the time in the movie is spent in the court room, but each one of it is totally gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat, all the time. This movie is so powerful; the Japanese government has decided to improve their judiciary system by implementing juries from common people into the system. Truly a nightmare for everyone who lives in Japan; being innocent is not enough to be declared as innocent. Highly Recommended! (Japanese Title: Soredemo Bokuwa Yatteinai)

Once – 7.9
The story of this budget movie is so simple that it could be mistaken to a documentary of a guy who tries to achieve his dream of becoming a recording artist. Coupled with several songs that could haunt your mind even days after hearing it for the first time (especially ‘Falling Slowly’), the natural and laidback approach in acting applied by both the main characters in the movie hits the tune (or tone) of the entire movie. I don’t see this as a movie, but as a long, incredibly well made music video. Get the soundtrack of this movie, NOW!

Appleseed Ex Machina – 8.0
This is the second movie from the Appleseed universe written by the brilliant Masamune Shirou (Ghost In The Shell) and by getting John Woo as the producer, the director has created a sequel that is more action oriented, entertaining and worth your time. This is still a Masamune Shirou movie, so the philosophical debate about the future relationship between human, android and synthetics is still there, but not with much depth like in Ghost In The Shell. Judging by the beautifully cool action choreography, you could tell how much influence John Woo has given this movie. If you love Masamune Shirou and John Woo, you just have to watch this.

The Holiday – 8.0
A romantic comedy that is surprisingly funny and romantic at the same time; this movie totally deserves the description. Although the story is simplified (a polite way of saying ‘dumbed-down) for the mainstream audience, it’s an entertaining one. The chemistry between the 4 main characters (Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet), although not like honey and butter, were good enough suck you into being ‘in’ the movie. In a nutshell, the ladies are going to love this charming movie and the guys would probably say ‘ey not so bad!’. Cameron Diaz, as always, delivers a poor acting performance but her silliness kinda goes along the way with the silly story of the movie, hand in hand, so I guess its ok then.

Rambo 4 – 7.0
The Rambo series was such an old premise that I couldn’t even remember what was it all about except Rambo going out run-gunning communist bastards in angst. In Rambo 4, Rambo once again gone to kill more communist bastards, and this time around with the advancement of CGI and special effects; a lot more gory and exceptionally violent. Story was almost non-existent but the constant action + violent sequences made this movie not too boring to watch. I guess if you liked the Rambo series, or like action movies located in jungles, you are going to like this movie. Not a movie that you must watch though.

The Mist – 7.0
Another film adaptation from one of Stephan King’s horror novel, this film brings nothing new to the horror genre. I don’t remember being scared at all while watching this. The ending is kinda fucked up in a good way though.

Fearless – 7.0
This is going to be Jet Lee’s last kungfu film, and it’s sad to say that it is not his best. The action/fighting sequences were decently entertaining enough to watch but not on par of other Jet Lee’s best work like in Once Upon a Time in China. If you like Jet Lee, be prepared to be a bit disappointed. Still a decent kungfu movie though.

The Mafia The Salesman – 6.5
Another mediocre mafia-themed Korean comedy, with a little romantic side story. Like many other of its kind, the movie’s lack of focus on narration and the discontinuation of a lot of the scenes, including numerous plot holes and irrelevant scenes, made this film hard to recommend. The only thing that made me see this crap movie to the end is because of the pretty ‘heroine’. Being a comedy, it does have a few funny moments but these moments are really rare and far apart.

The Counterfeiters – 8.5
A professional money counterfeiter got caught and sent to a Nazi prison camp to help produce fake money for the Nazi to topple the economy of the Allied Forces. Being pressured by the Nazis to get the job done, and also juggling with moral dilemmas of helping an army that kills his own people, the jew counterfeiter shuts the door of humanity in hope to help himself. Each character were given enough detail and depth to make you want to care about them; and the story is gripping and were never boring to the end. Highly Recommended.

Taxi To The Dark Side – 7.9
Not just another documentary about the great American shame: inhumane conduct of torture of suspected terrorist in a warzone, this documentary focuses on one homicidal case of an afghan taxi driver who was tortured to death by the American Army, and used that particular case to show and reveal the real reasons of these atrocities, and how high the responsibility goes up into the army ranks and into the hands of politicians and govermant tink-tanks that pulled all the strings; and how these people used the plot holes in the laws of war to hold no responsibility for these disgusting acts of terror.

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