Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Moving out. Changing residence. What a pain in the ass.

I moved out from the akita university’s foreign student dormitory on the 25th of march and it took me so much time to clean up the mess I made during my 1 year stay at the dormitory; and it took more time to set up my new place and put my stuff together and eventually configure everything out so that I could start living in the new apartment.

It took me one week for everything to be set up correctly. I just got internet yesterday, and finally figured out how to set up my HDTV’s antenna to receive digital broadcasting correctly. I got all my stuff into the right place and finally could start living like a normal human being again.

With helping other people move out and trying to clean my own mess, it has been a very busy week, and I hope this new home of mine does not have any voodoo shit or any bad luck lingering between the thin main door and the kitchen sink. I hope the time that I am going to spent inside this new home is for the better purpose; none evil nor sick.

I hope this new home would be a great place as my new base of operations, and I pray everything is going to be OK. Next semester, I am going to have so much fun, I’ll forgot to zip my pants everytime I took a crap in the nearest konbini’s toilet.

At last, I could continue blogging again! All hail the internetszzz!

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