Thursday, July 03, 2008

bunken happyou

alhamdulillah the presentation went smooth.

well... maybe it did not went exactly like i wanted it to ran.

i happened to forgot to set the stupid automatic progress function off; so the program changes the slides automatically after a short period of time. that was so clumsy of me.

at least i didn't get scolded as bad as okada-kun did.

man, i pity him. he made a little mistake for not using the pointer effectively, and got scolded big time by this one particularly cranky professor.

the very second the ruthless scolding moment stopped, everybody in the room went silent. probably the professor had a bad day, and lashed out on something so small.

he's just out of luck, i guess.

*** *** *** *** ***

ok, now i got more time to focus on doing the mathematica programming language fortran. i think i'm kinda left behind in progress compared to the other kids in the research lab. i used to do C++ before, so i guess it wouldn't be that hard to play catch up.

i also have to prepare for the coming job-interview. this time i will have to sit for an aptitude test (適性試験) plus a 'weird' imagination test (想像力試験). anything they'd to to make an interviewee's life a little bit more nervous.

cheeky bastards.

*** *** *** *** ***

lunch menu for the day: 六条麦茶(rokujyou mugi cha - rokujyo barley tea), さば弁当 (saba bentou - mackerel lunch set), 野菜生活100紫の野菜 (murasaki no yasai - purple veggie drink), glico's とろーりクリームプリン (torori kurimu purin - thick creamy pudding).

itadakimashita! (gochisousamadeshita - nagano style)

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