Friday, December 19, 2008

easily amused cat is not amused anymore

When I moved up into my final year and got accepted into the lab to start doing my final year project/research, I expected that I’m going to be pretty busy; and I won’t have the leisure of time to frequently blog like I used to anymore.

But to tell you the truth though, I don’t think I’m THAT busy.


Of course, I have seminars to prepare and attend to, I have assignments and I have all the simulations and experiments to do, but I do think that I have the time to blog, as frequently as I want to.

“So if I have the time, then why don’t I blog as frequently as I used to?”

I was thinking about the question above while I was taking my hot shower this morning, and I immediately knew the answer:

Now I’ve changed to be a little bit hard to be amused at anything!


I used to be amused at anything; and I would blog about it.

I cut my hair, I blog about it.

I saw a pretty girl on the street, I blog about it.

I made chicken curry for my lab partners, I blog about it.

My little sister refuses to hold my hand, I blog about it.

I lost my wallet, and got it back, I blog about it.

I met some clueless Jehovah witness people, I blog about it.

My balls were tortured when I fall from snowboarding, I blog about it.

A strong wind blew the skirt of a Japanese high school girl up, I blog about it.

Ada awek datang nak raba aku time nak gi solat Jumaat, aku blog pasal tuh.

I had a boner, I blog about it.


The list of me being amused at EVERYTHING goes on and on and on, and I’m still blogging about it! I can’t believe at how easy it is for me to be amused at something; and just look at me amused at how easily I got amused!

But now, I’m not easily amused anymore; and when I'm not amused, I don't blog.


Like this morning, a cat was raping another cat right at the center of the main road in front of the library, and then a group of girls in inappropriately short skirts came to the rescue and they got the rapist cat running away, and the scared cat pisses while he runs (or maybe he was ejaculating? i don't know).

Usually, I would get amused at useless crap like this and immediately blog about it; but I'm not amused at all, so I won't blog about it.


Wait a minute; I'm actually blogging about it. Damn!

Aahh crap, I’m really bad at making any sense.


Anyways, to get to the point that I'm trying to say: the reason why I don’t blog as frequently as I used to lately is because I have become someone who is not as easily amused by life’s simple occurrences as before.

I’ve become numb to what is happening around me.

I’ve become a dead boring person.


Even if the town that I’m living right now was attacked by ninja zombies, I’m not going to be amused by the taught of the exciting possibilities of my brain being eaten while I scream in horrible pain.

I’m not going to be amused, even if [PUT YOUR MOST DESIRED SEXUAL FANTASIES HERE] happened and it was all for free.


I need to change.

I need to re-open my eyes to my surroundings and stop taking for granted of all the wonderful things that is happening around me.

Well, I know the economy is bad and the Japanese government is predicting 0% of economic growth for the country until 2010, which sucks for me because I might get less bonus (or maybe worse, ZERO!) when I start working next April.

Being amused at things is good, because it made my life a little bit 'lively', I don't know the word.


I need to be easily amused again, be thankful for what I got in life, and then blog about it.

Maybe I should start video-blogging too; that might be quite interesting to try on!

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