Sunday, December 25, 2005


but damn her latest album:
(miss)understood is darn good !! i'd say 70% of the song in it is good, and that's very high in this hype-driven-but-no-substance world of j-pop. priced at 3390 yen at amazon (発売予定日は2006/01/01です。ただいま予約受付中です。), this album also includes a DVD containing her latest music videos, which is reasonably priced with all that stuff put together in one package. give it a try, i'm quite surprised. hmm is this why they call her the queen of jpop?

曲目リスト(song list)

ディスク: 1(disk 1)
1.Bold&Delicious(パナソニック SDオーディオ D-snap TV-CFソング)(パナソニック SDコンポ D-dock TV-CFソング)
2.STEP you(パナソニック D-snap Audio/SDミニコンポ TV-CFソング)
3.Ladies Night this LOVE?(森永チョコレート BAKE CM ソング)
6.alterna(パナソニック デジタルカメラ LUMIX FX-8 TV-CFソング)
7.In The Corner

11.Will(パナソニック デジタルカメラ LUMIX FX-9 TV-CFソング)
13.Are You Wake Up?
15.Beautiful Day
16.rainy day(カプコン 新鬼武者 -DAWN OF DREAMS- エンディングテーマ)

ディスク: 2 (disk 2)

1.STEP you(video clip) this LOVE?(video clip)
3.fairyland(video clip)
4.alterna(video clip)
5.HEAVEN(video clip)
6.Bold&Delicious(video clip)
7.Pride(video clip)
8.rainy day(video clip)
9.Ladies Night(video clip)
10.Bold&Delicious -SIDE STORY- (album ver.)
11.STEP you(making clip) this LOVE?(making clip)
13.fairyland(making clip)
14.alterna(making clip)
15.HEAVEN(making clip)
16.Pride(making clip)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

saje aje

saje aje

dah lama tak menaip dalam bahasa melayu, so ari nih aku cuba menaip dalam bahasa ibunda ku fuu!! hmm hari nih nak tulis style one picture one story. gamba2 nih aku ambik tadi.

みかん。 mikan, jepun punya buah mandarin. aku suka gila buah nih. memang selalu aje beli sebab tempat aku (nagano) memang sedap buah nih kalo nak dibanding kan dengan tokyo. rasa nya.. macam buah mandarin la tapi manis sket. lepas makan nasik mesti aku balun buah nih. kalo ko pergi rumah org jepun, mesti buah ni diaorg akan letak atas meja, tak pon atas kotatsu (meja bulat, ada heater kat bawah). kalo takde buah nih dalam rumah org jepun, sah diaorg tak nak ngaku org jepun la tu.

perasa pringles baru. devil hot !? aku cuba rasa takde la pedas sangat pon, tapi bebudak jepun nih lebih2 lak reaction diaorg bila makan. macam la benda nih makanan paling pedas penah diaorg makan. org jepun memang tak tahan pedas pon. aku yg masak manis2 pon diaorg kata pedas. tak paham betul aku lidah diaorg. tapi ada jugak sorang dua classmate aku suka gila pedas2, especially kari. kalo duk ngan diaorg, citer pasal kari aje. aku cakap kat diaorg yg aku nih tak masak pedas2, sebab aku pon tak tahan jugak. terus diaorg hampa. bukan sumer org mesia suka pedas wooi ! org kelate mcam aku nih memang tak tahan gile pedas2, especially kalo masakan org melaka, negeri sembilan dan lain2. org melaka.... seram siot.

餅。mochi. ni la japanese rice cake. kaler dia ijau sebab dia campur ngan green tea. pastu inti nya pulak letak red beans. aku sejak duk mesia lagi suka red bean, so memang best gilo la mochi nih. lembut, gebu, montel, berisi... enak sekali !! aku rasa kat mesia pon ada gak kuih nih, tapi lupa la pulak. mcam kuih kelantan, cuma kaler dia kuning. eh ke kuih lain? ntah la tak ingat la pulak, yg aku ingat kuih tu pon sedap jugak, tapi kenkadang manis sangat la !!

salji dah lebat dah kat skolah nih. ni gamba kat padang kecik depan main school building. benda yg terpacak kat tengah2 tu illumination tree la konon nya. konon2 nya nak timbul kan suasa krismas la tu. hehe. ntah la diaorg nih, walaupon tak sampai 1% pon org jepun yg kristian, diaorg sambut krismas gila2. perayaan diaorg sendiri takde la pulak mcam ni. heran2.

adoih result tak anta lagi!!

kena anta result ke embassy la pulak. kalo tak, dia cakap nak tarik duit !!! bahaya wooh !!! esok aku anta terus ! nak letak bedak wangi lagi dalam sampul surat, mana tau diaorg tambah kan lagi ke duit tajaan hehe. kat bawah nih email dr org embassy.


Cute, and very violent ! Click the link below to see an episode.

=Spin Fun Knowin' Ya=
=House Warming=
=Helping Helps=
=Crazy Antics=
=Havin a Ball=
=Nuttin Wrong with Candy=
=Pitchin Impossible=
=Wheelin and Dealin=
=Stayin Alive=
=Off the Hook=
Violence.....IPB Image

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

rakuen baby !!!

rakuen baby !!!

楽園(rakuen = paradise)
yeehaa finally the mid-second-sem exam's over !! (後期中間試験). feels so good, like a multiple orgasm after a 2 hours long orgy !! really, i feel soo good that exam pressure is gone
(at least for now) and 1 week later i'm gonna get my much awaited and needed 2 weeks winter break. just like past exams, i think i fucked this one up, too. beautiful.
out of all the 11 papers, i think 3 won't past the 60 point mark.

計測工学 - Measurement (?)
流体工学 - Fluid Enggineering
機械演習 - Mechanical Practice (?)

so you people might want to know, what would happen if i really flunk these 3 (or may be more, damn i'm gonna hate myself if that really happens). well, this is the mid-sem exams so i have to do very, very well on final to make up the points lost on mid-sem (duh!). but what happens if, god forbids, i failed to 'make up' the lost points ??!! argh i think i should start studying for final exam right now !!

yeah the exams over, but i'm still busy. i need to prepare for a moral enggineering presentation this monday, got to do 2 reports that was supposed to be handed out last thursday, and finally clean up my room 'cause it looks like shit. smells like one too. well, hygiene is not on my top priority list when i got 11 papers to cover in 4 days !! argh i'm going to bed, it's been a very tiring week. when i woke up, i'm going to be

a pussy story

(warning: to all those pretty princesses from the land of sweetness and happiness, don't read my post today. it's full of profanity and some harsh words that's not suitable to you sweet people of flowers and jelly candies. i'm still a nice guy though, except for today.)

Last week I was shocked to see my Japanese friend wearing this t-shirt that has this written on the front: PUSSY. It was designed to look like a Pepsi logo; you just change the word ‘Pepsi’ to ‘pussy’ and you’ll know how it would look like. So I told him what pussy really means in English and why he shouldn’t be wearing it ‘coz surely he doesn’t know what it means, which is a common thing with the Japanese. They suck in English, very, very much. “Ok Yuusei, the word pussy has three common usages. First one: kids often use ‘pussycat’ to refer to cats. Second one is what you say to a man who’s afraid to do anything considered ‘manly’ like showing the middle finger to a policeman who deserves it ‘coz he took bribes. And the last meaning is the main reason why I think you shouldn’t be wearing it in public. It’s a taboo word for a woman’s ehem ehem.” And then he said “a woman’s what? Like vagina!? Shit I better change!!” but he was too late, another friend of mine heard our little conversation and he laughed his ass off at poor Yuusei like crazy and suddenly stopped and asked me how to use the word pussy, of course not referring to cute little kittens !! So being a good moving-dictionary of English dirty words for my classmates, I explained to him with more detail, and warned him not to use it freely, ‘coz it’s fucking taboo. Well at least in my part of world. And I should’ve not trusted him.

The day after that day, everyone in the class was using the word pussy to joke around. Pussy that pussy this….. fucking perverts !! I went to class one morning and I got greeted with “Ohaio (means good morning) ali pussy pussy !! haha!!”. Even during class, from out of nowhere, this guy who’s sitting in front of me turns around and with a grin on his face, said “pussy!” and went back to sleep. Yeah a lot of my classmates sleep during class, I don’t know why, the teachers in front just don’t give a fuck about it. Last summer during ZAIRYOU RIKI GAKU ( means material force engineering, or something like that, i'm not really sure) one kid took off all of his clothes except his boxer ‘coz he said it’s too hot and still the teacher in front pretends that nothing’s happening. I guess that same kid could fuck his wife on the back of the class and he still would act like nothing’s happening.

Ok back to my main story. In Japan, it’s very easy to find kids wearing t-shirts that has rubbish English written on it that doesn’t even mean a fucking thing. As long as it’s in English, it’s cool! That’s the way they’re looking at it. One time there’s one guy from another class who is quite close to me; he used to wear this jumper that has this written on the back, in ORANGE BOLD LETTERS: FUCK THE TAXI DRIVER. He’s walking around the school with those words written on his back and nobody cared nor knows what the hell it means. Well, maybe someone knew exactly what it means but they just don’t feel that it’s taboo. Fuck, shit, ass… they’re not taboo in Japan. They don’t censor these words (English taboo words) on TV even if it’s on prime time. Well, usually they dub the spoken language of foreign TV programs to japanese、but you can choose to listen to it’s original audio by clicking to one specific button on the remote. Oh I love that button, especially when watching English movies.

My classmates started to learn English when they’re 13 years old, which is quite late. But nowadays, Japanese parents are forcing their kids to go to special English classes handled by native English speakers, putting more pressure and stress to their already busy and stressful childhood days. Japanese parents are very concerned with the performance of their kids at school. It’s very common for working Japanese women to quit her job when she gave birth to a child so that she could focus her time and energy on her child’s growth and education. That’s why Japanese kids are so smart, and that’s also the reason why a lot of ‘em commit suicide. The most popular way to do this is to jump onto a train track and the fast approaching train ahead would do the rest. 30 minutes later, the trains operational again. You know, the Japanese doesn’t like their train to be late! This 30 mins train delay has happened many times to me, heck there’s even one time that a high school girl had jumped onto a speeding train just a few platforms behind me and I could hear the loud bump during impact. One morning when I was waiting for my train I could see the blood on the track. I heard a guy jumped onto a ‘super’ speeding train one hour ago. It’s so sad. And scary too.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

TGS 2005 Cosplay

ok to those who didn't know what the heck cosplay is, let me give you a simple explanation. ok i'm a very lazy guy so just settle with what wikipedia said:

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction (or portmanteau) of the English words "costume" and "play", is a Japanese subculture centered on dressing as characters from manga, anime, and video games, and, less commonly, Japanese live action television shows, Japanese movies, or Japanese pop music bands. However, in some circles, "cosplay" has been expanded to mean simply wearing a costume.

In Japan, "cosplay" as a hobby is usually an end in itself. Likeminded people gather to see other costumes, show off their own elaborate handmade creations, take lots of pictures, and possibly participate in best costume contests.

To me, cosplayers are just a bunch of weird kids in weird costumes, but sometimes they're nice to look at so what the hell eh? these were some of the cosplayer that took part in the tokyo game show 2005 cosplay event. there's too many of them and i only managed to took a couple of pictures. buon apetito!

TGS 2005 Booth Babes

someone asked me to put pictures of those hot-half-naked booth girls of tokyo game show 2005 that i took, so here it is. and after finished editing these pictures, i realized that half of the pictures that i took on the show were of these fine ladies, not of games, which is weird, 'coz it's a game show, not a women- who-wear- skimpy-clothes-and- look-good-at-it show. this was my first time on a show like this so the first time i stepped in, i was like "first go to konami booth!!" and then i saw this very hot ubisoft booth babes holding a mp5 sub machine gun posing for otakus and then i thought "wait a minute, is that real boobs!? wow that's tight! konami can wait, let's take her pic!". it's not my fault. it's my genitals, they're very sensitive you know. damn i love japan! they love to abuse and exploit innocent looking women for the sake of advertisement. ok enough talking, i guess picture speaks louder than words, so enjoy...

i bet these girls don't even know what rocket jumping is.

Tokyo Game Show 2005

I went to Chiba Prefecture yesterday for the second biggest game show on the world: TOKYO GAME SHOW. These big, huge shows was like a wet dream come true for gamers alike. The show was held for three days, 16th of Sept for the press and 17th & 18th were open for the public.

The main focus on the show was no doubt about the next generation consoles: PS3, XBOX360 and the NINTENDO REVOLUTION. Seeing the preview trailer for the latest installment in the best gaming series ever, METAL GEAR SOLID, METAL GEAR SOLID 4: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS, i was just speechless and i was like " PS3's CELL PROSSESSOR is way much sexier than Kate Hudson wrapped only in a malaysian flag!!". it was soo freaking awesome! fuck 'pramugari melampau' give me solid snake action please! i saw the trailer in the special konami theater that only lucky fews were able to see it on the big screen. that was like the best thing that had ever happened to me since one of my jap classmates, who i think is 90% gay, told me that i'm handsome, and cute if i don't wear my glasses. and of course microsoft don't want to lose to sony, and their XBOX360 booth were cool too, but i noticed that they're using too many flesh-baring booth girl, and compared to other booth girls, i personally think that they're hotter, but not even comparable to CELL PROSSESSOR's prosessing power, should i remind you.

i also had the opportunity to see the man behind the best game series ever: metal gear, talks about metal gear subsistance and the game that i'm looking foward to, very, very much: metal gear solid 4. hideo kojima, is by far, the coolest people in the gaming business. rock on!

and because this is in fact happening in japan, a cosplay show was inevitable. man these people are really like devoted to their anime/game characters! lots of weird people in weird costumes. and a fraction of 'em are undoubtly quite, hmm... i don't know, how do you said it... hot? yeah but majority of them looked like morons to me but it's fun to watch.

ok after the tiring show, i returned home realizing that i have only like 48hours to study for my semester exam, and look at me writing in this time-wasting blog! and yeah i'll surely post pictures, but now i'm just too busy so i'll post 'em hot pictures later! peace out!

Japan General Election 2005

thank god the election is finally over! it's been very noisy lately because of the loud speakers the candidates put on trucks to spread their manifesto. you go to the market, you meet these guys. you go to school you can hear them from their loud speakers, it's been crazy. these japanese do know how to kiss butt for support/vote.
yeah prime minister koizumi with his Liberal Democratic Party owns the election with a land slide win. yeah what ever, as long as they don't delay my scholarship, i don't give a fuck anyways. but i do know this, koizumi is not a man who is serious about reform, so nothing's gonna change except for the privatization of the nation's post office, and i still don't know what that would mean. i just hope they don't charge me more for sending small packages to malaysia.
change of topic, and it's about friendster's blog section. hey friendster can be very, very stupid and annoying sometimes. i've been trying to post new material in this blog for a full week and when i click the link, it just brought me back to my main friendster page. shitty friendster. there's soo many things that i want to write but because of these, i don't even have the feeling to write longer, anymore. ok nitie i'm terribly in a state of dizziness and better get to sleepy land right now, bye!

September 13, 2005

early marriage

another friend of mine is getting married. how can these people love each other that they are willing to commit to marriage? although we share the same age (21 years old), it's very clear that we see things very differently. i could not imagine my self in their shoes. shit i don't even have a girlfriend, and i still don't understand why would i want to be married on this very early stage of my life? marriage is not just halal sex, there's more to it than the children's encyclopedia that my father bought for me when i was little.

anyways, i wish them a good life together. may their marriage be filled with happiness and and i hope they'll live happyly, ever after. good luck bukh! i'm happy for you!

August 14, 2005

Thursday, April 14, 2005

sakura wearing d-cup

Image Hosted by

sakuras in front of the dormitary is blooming, and in no time they'll invade the whole school. ooh i bet i will be a pretty scenery. i don't know why but i think i love sakura, very much. me loving a flower is quite weird though.

actually i have no idea what to write today. nothing interesting happened today except i confessed to my classmates that i prefer a girl with a D-CUP and above. i have no choice coz' they've just came up to me and ask what cup size is your choice, A,B,C,D and so on? i don't think i'v missunderstood them coz' i never missunderstood people when they're talking about girl's breast sizes. i don't know, maybe it's a gift or i'm just being a normal male.

i think i should stop writing for today coz' if i go on, i would surely discuss about girl's breast and a fat man's excess fat and finally tries to figure out which one is softer and stuff. ooh how i don't wanna go there.

ok nite!

m(_ _)m

raw meat and porn magazines

posted earlier at : Tuesday, Apr 12 2005, 01:19:20 AM

ok i feel very weird today. must be the fish curry! damn those fishies why are they soo tasty even though they're already expired?! so today i talked with nakajima today about anime. yeah he comes to my room more often nowdays i just don't know why. anyways, i told him that i loved the ghost in the shell series, appleseed, perfect blue, akira, tokyo godfathers and other non-mainstream anime and you know what he said? he said i'm a anime maniac and weird coz kids our age don't see those kind of anime! they're too complicated, violent and absolutely not cute! and i think eating raw meat is weird.....

but really, these animes are made by japanese in japan so why would they think it's weird? i liked the complexity of the story line and the issues they bring in their animes. well maybe he's right. it's maybe too complicated for them but i just don't know why is it ok to read porn magazines but not ok to watch violent complicated anime at this age? i think i should study more about them to understand.

anyways, i gave em my 'weird' anime collection so that he could learn to like 'em. i don't think his parents would approve him seeing that but who cares coz' i'm an evil foreign student who tries to destroy the minds of young japanese high school students! hahaha!

anyways, i'm waiting for yuusei to come over coz' he wanted my pirated version of LEGO STAR WARS. oh it's a very charming game and i bet he would love it coz' he's a lego freak! he got all this lego stuff in his room you would think he was selling lego to support his studies.

and while i'm writing this, i'm downloading a new malaysian movie 'SEPET' from my pal. people say it's a good movie and i can't see this movie unless i go back to malaysia... or get a copy from a friend. so i choose to copy hehe. after the download's finished, i'm going to bed coz tomorrow, i have 機械工作実習。 it's fucking rocket science!

pubic hair and star wars republic commando

posted at : Monday, Apr 11 2005, 01:24:19 AM

err... i cut (not shave!) my tiny moustache with a scissor today. now i look cleaner and younger too. and today, during the afternoon, i finally finished STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO computer game. i think it's quite good and fun. ahh i think i'm having a headache! i'm going to bed right now, after i go cut my pubic hair, with the same scissor that i use to cut my moustache. oh yeah i like that scissor. i've cut a LOT of hair with that thing. pubic hair, arm pit hair, nose hair you name i cut it. and sometimes my classmates borrowed it from me and i feel very lonely when that happens...... of course i'm kidding! anyways, i think i'm going to cut my precious pubic hair tomorrow night. i'll do the coolest pubic hair stlye!

yeah today's journal is about me cutting my pubic hair. when did u last cut yours? i'm waiting for your reply!

i hope it's this easy

Just a little food for thought.

Reasons for Halal n Haram (credit: Mc Koh)

Bob: Tell me why is it that a Muslim is
particular about the words
Halal and Haram; what do they mean?

Yunus: That which is permissible is termed
and that which is not permissible is termed
and it is the Quran which draws the distinction
between the two.

Bob: Can you give me an example?

Yunus: Yes, Islam has prohibited blood of any
type. You will agree that a chemical analysis
blood shows that it contains an abundance of
acid, a chemical substance which can be
to human health.

Bob: You're right about the toxic nature of uric
acid, in the human being it is excreted as a
product and in fact we are told that 98% of the
body's uric acid is extracted from the blood by
kidneys and removed through urination.

Yunus: Now I think that you'll appreciate the
special prescribed method of animal
slaughter in

Bob: What do you mean?

Yunus: You see, the wielder of the knife,
taking the name of the 'Almighty', makes an
incision through the jugular veins, leaving all
veins and organs intact.

Bob: I see, this causes the death of the
animal by
a total loss of blood from the body, rather than
injury to any vital organ.

Yunus: Yes, were the organs, example the
the liver, or the brain crippled or damaged, the
animal could die immediately and its blood
congeal in its veins and would eventually
permeate the flesh. This implies that the
animal flesh would be permeated and
contaminated with uric acid and therefore very
poisonous; only today did our dietitians
such a thing.

Bob: Again, while on the topic of food; Why do
Muslims condemn the eating of pork or ham
any foods related to pigs or swine.

Yunus: Actually, apart from the Quran
the consumption of pork, bacon(pig flesh); in
the Bible too in Leviticus chapter 11, verse 8,
regarding swine it says, "of their flesh (of the
swine, another name for pig) shall you not
and of their carcass you shall not touch; they
unclean to you."

Further, did you know that a pig cannot be
slaughtered at the neck for it does not have a
neck; that is according to its natural anatomy.
Muslim reasons that if the pig was to be
slaughtered and fit for human consumption
Creator would have provided it with a neck.

Nonetheless, all that aside, I am sure you are
informed about the harmful effects of the
consumption of pork, in any form, be it pork

Bob: The medical science finds that there is a
for various diseaseas the pig is found to be a
for many parasites and potential diseases.

Yunus: Yes, even apart from that, as we talked
about uric acid content in the blood, it is
important to note that the pig's biochemistry
excretes only 2% of its total uric acid content,
remaining 98% remains as an integral part of

and then yunus and bob lived happily ever after. oh what a sweet story


posted at Sunday, Apr 3 2005, 02:41:39 AM

oh i've been very stupid and rude. i went to hair silva to get my hair cut and i was surprised that the girl who's going to cut my hair knows my name. now that i know that i'm popular at the area, i was being very friendly with the girl and it was a very good conversation coz' both of us were laughing and all but then she asked me out coz' i've been telling her that i'm very lonely coz' it's the holiday and all my friends had gotten to their hometown leaving me alone at the school's dormitory. yes she was hitting on me and u know what i replied?

"no, that would cost me money!".

i'm such an idiot! actually i missunderstood what she said. i thought she said to come to her shop so that we can talk and have 'fun' so normally that would sound like an advertisement, u know what i'm saying? that's why i replied that way.

the moment i realised that i was mistaken is when she said "so money's more important than me?". i act quickly by saying no, and then paused for a second to construct my japanese in my head when suddently she told me to stand up and go to the other corner of the shop to get my hair shampoo'ed, and it was done by another girl. this girl is quite cute and i tried to be 'friedly' with her too but she gave me no chance by soaking my head with hot water and scrubbing it like hell's broken loose. she asked me if the water's too hot or not and being a macho man, i said not a problem at all although it's as hot as my cousin's ass! yap i do have really hot cousins!! haha! and two of em are twins!

but anyways, i felt that i've been rude to the first girl (her name's tsukada... i don't remember her first name) and i think i should apologize and at least try to explain why did i say such stupid thing. but i have no feelings for her nor i want to go out with her. just like what she said to me when i said that i think japanese guys who colour their hair and try to look like a westerner looks like a sissy and not cool at all :different people have different tastes. i just want to straight thing's up. but then again, i don't think she gives a fuck anyways.

on the way out of the salon, i met with yuka-chan who was just passing the salon. i know yuka-chan's father and i've been to their house to have dinner and their family was very nice to me. and her father happens to run a hair salon too, in fact a very strong rival to hair silva. i greet her and i told her to say hello to her father. well... bad, bad mistake. u know, i should've hide myself coz' what would her father think if he sees me entering his rival's shop?

according to my senior who visited yuka-chan's father the next day, he thinks i'm a fucking bastard (in japanese of course). it doesn't sound that bad actually and yeah i know he's just joking, that fat perverted old man. i'll pay 'em a visit someday.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

luffy yang tidak bole diharap

i've set up my cute alarm clock today but what i don't understand is why can't i hear it buzzing when it was supposed to buzz? shit i got up late again today!

I get this feeling that i'm kind of attached to this alarm clock. it's a manga character from the famous one piece anime named luffy. i love the shit very much!

Friday, March 25, 2005


saba, aji, salmon you name it i ate it! god it tastes good!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

pembuka bicara

ok. finally i decided to start blogging. the main reason for me to start doing this is just to have a place where i can practice my english coz' here in japan, i don't have the opportunity to use the language that much. i used to be good at it but now, it sucks hard i don't want it to get any more worse.
and i would also like to tell u my side of the story about japan. what i experienced here, what i did and what i think about this very mysterious country and culture that i think is quite different from what i've imagined 2 years ago before i came here.
and of course i'll be telling my daily life and the things that i do everyday, which is very boring but hell fuck that. i'll try to write everyday, and i'll try to make it as boring as possible so that no one would give a shit about it.
so i welcome my self to the boring blog world! yuhuu!
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