Wednesday, March 12, 2008

about the call

I got several emails and ym messages from friends and strangers asking about ‘the call’ that I mentioned in my shoutbox yesterday. Come to think about it, I really think that it was not something worth mentioning in the first place; not a big deal at all. Some were concerned about me, some were just curious but everyone wants to know what actually happened.

So I got the sense that I need to write this post explaining what ‘the call’ is about. Of course I can’t reveal it all here, because I need to protect myself too. Ok so here it goes.

2 days ago (10th March), I got a phone call from this place that I don’t want to mention (lets call it KMDJ) about this particular content in my blog. There are several posts in the blog that contained some of the names of the people working in KMDJ. The reason why they want those names to be removed from my blog is because I have used their names to make stupid, cheesy jokes. While invading their privacy, I have unintentionally used these names without their permission; and that is something that I knew were unacceptable but I did it anyways. I’m the bad guy here, what I did was wrong and that is why I have apologized.

Although the caller said that the focus of the call is just about the ‘names’, somehow during the conversation, issues like politics and dirty language came up.

“the staff had read your other blog posts and we don’t want to tell you that we neither support nor are against your language and posts about the government because it is your right to have an opinion, and what use is a blog with strict censorship?”

So folks, they are not threatening me because I use foul language and wrote political posts; they are just kind enough to inform me that the people who is in charge of handling my scholarship is watching and reading what I wrote in my blogs with kind, gentle eyes! Oh how noble and kind of them! Although they have other important things to do, they had sacrificed their precious time just for me! I felt loved! ; )

So from now on, I will try my best not to make a stupid joke about the people who handles my money; and of course I will continue writing like I would normally do.

But I’m just curios, the posts about ‘the names’ are really old ones, dating back to 2005 and 2006; why bring it up now? Just right after my [G Election] post? Wow! What a coincidence, isn’t it?

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