Wednesday, September 24, 2008

going home for raya

masa yang aku ambil untuk pack barang2 amat lah sikit. barang yang aku nak bawa balik tak banyak pon, sebab aku balik nanti 2 minggu aje. kebanyakan barang2 yang aku bawa balik nih, barang2 kiriman daripada abang aku. bagasi ni tak penuh pon.

excited memang excited gila.

(_) (^_^) (^_~)

bayangkan . . . last time aku sambut raya kat mesia tahun 2002.

masuk tahun 2008, baru la timing bagus bole balik bercuti time raya. ucapan terima kasih kepada prof aku kerana bagi aku balik; setelah dipujuk rayu dengan penuh syahdu oleh aku hehehe.

lepas ni ntah brapa tahun lagi baru bole balik raya . . . . .

tapi time aku tengah pack2 barang tadi, aku termenung pon ada jugak sekejap.

mcam mana dah sambutan raya kat mesia?

dah lama gila tak raya, mcam dah bole lupa plak.

tapi yang lagi memeningkan kepala aku ialah:

boxer biasa brapa helai, boxer tight brapa helai nak bawa balik?


malam ni aku naik bas pukul 9:30 malam dari akita ke tokyo. sampai maybe pukul 6:30 pagi. lepas tu aku pegi lepak + letak barang kat malaysian student house kat meguro. sehari masa ada kat tokyo tu bole la spend beli apa2 yang patut. kalo letih sangat, maybe aku tido aje sepanjang hari.

the next day, 26hb 9, kena bangun awal. flight aku pukul 10:30 pagi, dan aku selalu nya kalo flight antarabangsa nih aku pegi sejam awal, supaya tak kalut nanti. perjalanan dengan densha dari meguro ke narita makan masa lebih kurang 1jam 30 minit, so untuk sampai ke narita pada pukul 9:30 pagi, pukul 8:00 pagi dah kena naik densha.

so pagi tu kena la bangun pukul 7:00, baru cukup masa nak bersiap2 nak kejar pukul 8:00 pagi. tapi naik densha pukul 8:00 pagi nih bahaya sket, sebab time ni rush hour tahap anak durhaka punya. mesti berhimpit lagi sempit dari kuih himpit. apa kebenda yang aku taip nih.

apa2 pon, kena finalize luggage + dokumen2 yang penting dahulu. malam ni bersahur makan ebi-burger 250yen dalam bas aje. insyaallah sumer berjalan lancar no perobelem.


di sini saya ingin mengucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri kepada pembaca2 blog ini. semoga aidilfitri tahun ini memberi banyak nikmat kepada anda, dan nikmat2 indah tersebut bakal menjadi tenaga dan suntikan semangat untuk terus berjuang dalam apa sahaja bidang yang anda akan/sedang ceburi. moga nikmat tersebut dapat dikongsi bersama ahli keluarga dan mereka2 yang anda sayangi.

kepada mereka yang tak dapat balik raya tahun ni, relax dan bersabar lah beb. sapa suruh duduk oversea kekeke. takpe, beraya tanpa family nih pon satu pengalaman juga. tabahkan diri, and don't forget to have a goood time!

selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin.

kampung dangar !!! here i come !!!


densha - 電車 - Tren
ebi - 海老 - Udang

Monday, September 22, 2008

Being a Muslim in Japan

Ramadhan gave me the opportunity to sit back and take a third-person look at my past experiences being a Muslim in Japan. I'm not really good at being super religious, but I strive to be a better person each day; but I must say, being in Japan did change my view about being an ordinary Muslim just trying to get through life.

A lot of my Muslim friends ask me: Is it hard to be a Muslim in Japan compared to Malaysia?

My normal answer would be: Definitely not easy, but you’ll get used to it in time.

It is easier to practice Islam when you’re in a community with a Muslim majority; mosques are a plenty, halal food is everywhere, everyone knows the do’s and don’ts of Islam and you don’t really have to think about integration with people from different cultural/religious backgrounds. Everything is easier.

The same things cannot be said when it comes to Japan, the land of the rising sun. Unlike other developed countries like the United States, Great Britain, France etc, in Japan the mosques are scarce, halal food could only be bought through the internet, there are a lot of misunderstandings about Islam and a lot of people thought that religion are nothing more than a technique that people had been using from ancient times to control other people’s way of life.

There is only a mere 1% of the people who live in Japan who is Muslim, and 90% of that pie came from Muslim foreigners. And 90% of those Muslim Japanese, became Muslims because they want to marry a Muslim. Suffice to say the percentage Muslim Japanese in Japan is like the percentage of Jew Malaysians in Malaysia, they’re really small in numbers.

The majority of Japanese people are Liberal Atheists, and they perceive religion as a very personal thing; as long as you don’t mess up with other people’s business, you’re doing just fine. Islamophobia almost doesn’t exist because people don’t really care about religion or faith; and some doesn't even know the existence of Islam to begin with. But that is slowly changing, sadly by the works of Osama Bin Laden.

So what does it mean to be a Muslim in Japan?

Being Muslim in Japan means you have to practice Islam more than you would in Malaysia, IF you want to achieve the equal level of closeness with the faith. Being a Muslim in Japan demands more effort and a strong will of Iman.

I might be dead wrong, but at least that’s my opinion; through experience.

This is because, in a daily life of a Muslim in Japan, the exposure and sense of existence of the strong cultures of Islam, especially the ritual part, are very low compared to what I used to feel when I’m in Malaysia. You don’t hear the azan, nobody cares about the concept of covering one's awrah, people idolize pork, they don’t pray, and you don’t hear conversations discussing Islam. Everytime you want to shop for food, you have to check the contents in the back for haram ingredients, and you can’t fell safe because sometimes the haram ingredients are not written at all.

But like I said before, it’s all ritual stuff. The essence and value of Islam is actually everywhere in Japan. The roads are swept clean from rubbish (sense of cleanliness), the level of crime is one of the lowest in the world (sense of righteousness), almost everyone is polite at certain level (sense of being nice?), everyone is dedicated to their work (well, maybe TOO dedicated sometimes, ever heard of Karōshi?)… these are some of the qualities that Islam claimed to promote.

Japanese people are very much Muslims at heart; they just eat pork, don’t perform the solat and have a weird fondness to hentai and pervert things.

Of course, not everything about Japan is all cherry and honey. Like any other country in the world, there are lots of things that are fucked up about Japan. Take for instance, its high suicide rate and sexual crimes. Well, I can’t deny that although Japanese are very nice people, they sometimes are too serious and they do live in a very stressful society that frowns upon failure; compared to Malaysians. People believe that they fail because they don’t work hard enough.

They rather die than face the shame of being a failure, it’s unbearable to them. They took the concept of 'losing face' to a higher level than we Malaysians.

Anyways, I’m not an expert in social-science of Japan, so my observation about the Japanese society might be nothing more than bullshit, so don’t really believe what I think about them. You never know, there maybe a stress-free Japanese person out there who is lazy as hell, cannot eat raw fish and hate hentai.

Being a Muslim in Japan, people will ask about this alien religion that seems to be associated with a lot of violence and terrorism, as famously portrayed by the international media. I was once asked “So you’re a Muslim? You’re not with the Al-Qaeda, aren’t you?”

At first, I was really uncomfortable with people associating Islam and violence while pointing it to my nose. Damn you OSAMA! But I came to take these ignorant ideas and see it in a humorous way and make a joke about it.

“Hi my name is Taufiq Ali and just because I didn’t bring my bomb-wrapped green jacket, that doesn’t mean that I’m not a proper Muslim”

Islam teaches about peace and being cool with each other, but it is hard to answer to the violence, unfairness and human-right-abusive actions that those Muslims did in the other part of the world. You can say “ohh don’t compare me to them, they’re extremist!” but the fact still remains that they’re Muslim, no matter how fucked up their understanding of the religion is.

The only thing that I could do is to explain to them that in every religion, there are extremists and clever opportunists who use the influence and strict sense of obedience in religion, for their own personal gain; or for an ideology that was based on hatred, not peace as being taught by Prophet Muhammad saw.

One of the main responses when I talk about Islam to my Japanese friends is the ritual obligation and some of the strict regulations about food and social-interactions. A good Muslim doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t eat disgusting pork and doesn’t have pre-marital sex. They jumped when I said that couples were not even allowed to hold hands; and hand-jobs are just unthinkable.

“So you are telling me… even if one day, a very beautiful lady with a really healthy set of knockers came to you and said you could fondle her breasts for free, you wouldn’t do it?”

No I won’t. I will say no, as I swept away the tears bursting out of my eyes.

“Wow I don’t believe you. So what if this one very pretty girl came up to you and offered to PAY you to bone her senseless? An offer no man can refuse. Just think about it. You don’t have to bring her for a nice dinner in some fancy restaurant. You don't have to go the cinemas and watch romatic movies with her just to pretend to be a sensitive guy who could stand romance. You don’t have to act like you’re listening to her talk about emotions and feelings etc, you know, the words that girls often use to confuse men. You don’t have to buy her innocent gifts like teddy bears (which is gay, but guys do it anyways in hope of happy-bang-bang in return). In short, you don’t have to pretend that you care about what she thinks and feels, and still you’re being offered sexy-time!”

First I would think for a second, and before conscience tries to cloud my judgment, I will say no to that too, but I will probably hit the floor and cry like a baby later on.

“You’re tough, but what if this extremely cute girl with the most perfect shape of breast…..”

As you can see, being Muslim in Japan is not very easy.

…to be continued…

probably way after Ramadhan is over.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

aik hari ni dah 18hb sept dah!

so the 16 sept dramatic government change didn't happen. i was hoping for an awesome politic drama where everyone was excited and jumping around feeling they've achieved something that was thought impossible.

but it didn't happen.

i know a lot of people are disappointed by this. but some people are quick to forget about this.

not to some PAS guys in terengganu though, stirring things up.

anyways, the longer they try to stretch this, the worse it is.

i just want to see a balanced and stable political ground. i want those politician settled and start to focus on more important issues like housing for the poor, 1-upping the education policy, how to strengthen the economy under the plummeting asian economy etc.

i want the bullshit politic-talk to end and see them at work, NOW!

beijing 2008 was awesome, everyone is hyped and excited about the Olympics. but nobody gives a ahmad ismail bukit bendera about the paralympics.

how sad.

i'm one of those people too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

alamak hari ini 16 september!

happy birthday malaysia!

i heard from somewhere that someone in malaysia said that we are going to wake up to a new government today!

the guy said he got enough people to do it!

so... am i supposed to be excited?

or nervous?

lets just wait and see, and hope for the best, whether this happens or not.

Friday, September 12, 2008

manly love and new fragrance

i'm not trying to state the obvious here but the image above speaks nothing but the truth. i just think that both parties should understand the difference between each other and try to accept who they really are.

after a suggestion from arip, i bought my first fragrance! i know nothing about branded fragrance so i just picked the most popular one from and i got the package yesterday. this particular fragrance, the bvlgari pour homme (how do you pronounce this?), doesn't smell that bad and i think i wouldn't have problems wearing this when i'm out. at least it smells nicer than my sweaty armpits.

jamah bab politik malaysia sket. aku hairan sekarang, raja petra kena ISA, tapi ahmad ismail tak kena plak. busuk... memang busuk... pakai fragrance itali yang paling mahal pon, tetap busuk...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nozomi Sasaki: Tok Poso (^ ^)

I think all of the pictures above are still Ramadhan-friendly; but that still depends on how creative your mind is...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

banyak sangat tengok movie nih...

This Is England – 8.2
A story about a troubled boy growing up in England, set in 1983. He comes across a few skinheads on his way home from school, after a fight. They become his new best friends even like family. Check out the lead kid actor! Highly recommended.

God Grew Tired of Us – 7.5
Running from blood thirsty Arab Muslims who were happily slaughtering their family members and raping their female friends in Sudan, a group of young Sudanese boys were sent to America as refugees. Seeing them use electricity for the first time in their life is always fun. The American dream was a sweet one, but reality kicks in rather fast. Work stress, bills, loneliness, culture shock and all the shitty thing about living in the big cities come pouring down sooner than expected. Interesting documentary about The Lost Boys of Sudan.

Mongol – 8.5
The story recounts the early life of Genghis Khan who was a slave before going on to conquer half the world including Russia in 1206. After watching how hard the life of Genghis Khan is before becoming the famous conqueror, you’ll gain more respect of the man. Highly recommended.

Iron Man – 8.2
I never liked Iron Man in the comics because he was such a snob rich bastard with a huge ego problem. The Iron Man in the movies is another story. The action scenes were cool and all but I think Robert Downey Jr. had a much bigger impact than Iron Man himself, which is new for superhero movies. Anyways, although we all now that the terrorists are the muslims, the real bad guys are Americans. U know, just to appear less Islamophobic. Pretty fun movie!

Beaufort – 6.4
The story of a group of Israeli soldiers stationed in an outpost prior to the withdrawal of The Israeli Defence forces of 2000. I was quite surprised that this movie is not pro-israeli. Pretty boring movie though.

The Bucket List – 7.8
Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die. Starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. Fun and entertaining.

Platonic Sex – 7.5
Based on the real story of the tragic life of Japanese AV actress Eijima Ai. The mood of the film is quite depressing all the time, as the lead character constantly asks the meaning of her existence. I suggest to all those Japanese porn lovers to watch this, because you will see the true reality of how desperate those girls that you adore are to be associated with such a dirty line of work. Except Maria Ozawa of course.

Sex of Magic – 6.0
This Korean movie is all about the journey and hardship of a guy who suffers from premature ejaculation and this problem is heavily affecting his relationship with the fiancée. In contrary with the provocative title, this movie tried tell its viewer that sex is not magic, but can be achieved through sincere hard work and patience. There is a LOT of sex scenes though, and you could treat it as candy in a process of learning about this taboo subject.

You Don’t Mess With The Zohan – 6.0
If you don’t mind the blatant ignorance and how WRONG the film portrays the Palestine-Israel conflict, and you love Adam Sandler, you’ll probably laugh at some of the jokes.

2LDK – 7.0
Nozomi and Lana share an apartment in Tokyo. They have both auditioned for the same role in a movie, and know that the shortlist has been cut down to just the two of them. As they wait the night before finding out who will get the role, their personality clashes violently, erupting into an all-out battle. Unpredictable but simple storyline.

Garoojigi – 6.0
A guy with a penis smaller than a straw drank a sacred potion that turns him into a sex master, banging every woman in his village capable of sex. Then somehow he found love. The normal qualities that you could find in such crazy Korean movies.

Tenacious D And The Pick of Destiny – 7.0
Jack Black disabled the lasers with his cock. Just watch.

Sundome! – 6.0
The boring life of one Japanese high school boy took an interesting turn when a sadistic manipulative girl shows up and gave him an offer he cannot refuse; sexual endurance for some ‘rewards’.

Sexual Parasite – 3.0
This is just another cheap horror/gore/soft-porn movie from the land of the rising sun. A woman has a parasite in her vagina. The parasite eats penises. She needs to feed the parasite so she seduced men to achieve that. Yes, I’m ashamed that I watched this.

Untraceable – 7.8
The influence of computer hacking and sadistic torturing movies like SAW is all over this movie. A teenage whiz set up a website that collects information on how much views the site has, and depending on how much interest the site gathers, the faster his victims would die. An ordinary thriller with some fresh take on the genre.

Dororo – 6.6
Although the story is quite predictable, the action sequences are cool enough and doesn’t disappoint. The CGI looks nice too; a rare quality to be found in Japanese movies.

Step Up 2 The Streets – 6.0
Another boring teen movie about the romantic build-up of two student dancers from two different backgrounds. The dancing scenes were kinda cool, but other than that, everything else is boring.

Out of The Blue – 7.0
The tragic adaptation of a true story where a lonely gun collector went postal in a small town in New Zealand.

American Gun – 7.0
A movie about the endless circle of gun violence in the American society.

Postal – 6.5
Directed by the worst director in the movie industry Uwe Boll, this is the film adaptation of the violent video game Postal. It’s offensive, violent, not so funny but not that horrible either. This is probably the best Uwe Boll movie ever made, and it is still bad.

The Promotion – 6.0
A simple comic story about a guy’s struggle for his job promotion. Easily forgettable.

War Made Easy – 7.0
A documentary about the history of past American presidents, and what they do to achieve their own WAR.

Muhammad The Last Prophet – 7.0
An animation about the life of Prophet Muhammad and his struggle to turn Mecca from a place of idol worshipping to the true Holy site for muslims around the world.

Maiko Haaaan!!! – 6.5
The Japanese would be mad if a foreigner say bad things about the geisha culture, but this film degraded and ridiculed the profession even more than any foreign director could in my opinion. The lead character went from being funny in the beginning to down right annoying to the end. A lot of flashy colors, but little content.

Hero – 7.8
Kimura Takuya is back, reprising his roles from the 90’s Japanese drama HERO. I’ve never seen an episode of the drama, but I can safely say that I enjoyed it. The story was pretty decent, with some funny and actions scenes being shuffled randomly. The last scene in the bar was quite awesome too. Not a bad film, this is.

Hancock – 5.5
I didn’t believe that grade A actors like Will Smith and Charlize Therone would participate in such a shallow, forgettable and down right ridiculous movie like Hancock. The savior of such movies like this is the action sequences; and they failed at this department too. This is a bad movie, don’t waste your time. They should call this Cock Hand instead.

Ninja Vixens Flame of Seduction – 4.0
There are sexy ninjas in the movie and they shoot needles through their big breasts to defeat their enemy in the pursuit of justice! Yay!

mokkori kun hanging loose

Monday, September 08, 2008

arrested by the POLICE

-pengalaman di tahan polis jepun-

Don’t know why I forgot to write about this. Anyways, I mentioned about this when I commented on one of’s interesting articles, and someone asked me to tell about this story in detail, so here I am in the middle of the night in front of the computer.

Early summer of 2003, and it had only been 3 months since I first came to Japan. I was staying at Rikko Kaikan (Rikko Hall, for foreign students) in Nerima, Tokyo; and on one hot summer weekend, I went to the nearest video rental shop to return some VHS and DVDs that I had rented earlier.

I like to clarify things that don’t need any clarifying in the first place so here goes. The VHS tapes and DVDs that I rented are in no way pornographic in nature. They’re just some old Hollywood action movies and Japanese horror films. There might be some slight showing of an actress’s bare breasts, or some lame sex scenes, but that don’t count as porno.

I have a principle to NEVER use the scholarship money, originating from tax paid by honest-working Malaysian citizens, for anything that has to do with satisfying a men’s sexual gratification. I’ve been very successful in my righteous struggle to sustain this principle from being blotted with erroneous , and I must say that I am almost proud that I have been able to do this, with all the perverseness and sexual fantasy glorified in the Japanese pop culture that I’m living in right now.

Wait a minute, there is one time that I accidentally paid 1000yen for an all-u-can-see adult paid channel in a hotel in Osaka… but that was an accident. I don’t want to let waste the hard-earned money of my people, so I forced myself to watch, even though deep in my rose-smelling heart, I don’t want to.

But this experience has taught me one valuable thing: even someone like me would end up bored and fell asleep when exposed to Japanese porn for several hours.

Anyways, that was a long introduction. Let’s get on with the main story.

I went inside the video shop, returned my rentals, told myself to lose interest in what the 18 years old section had to offer, and went back to my bicycle parked outside. As I was helping myself to put my manly-shaped ass on the bicycle saddle, one young Japanese policeman tapped my shoulder. He wanted attention.

Then he started to ask me questions that I don’t quite understand. Bear in mind that my Japanese language skill at that time is piss poor, and I’m really confused. Then he used hand and body gestures. He pointed at the bikes’ broken lock, made a ‘hammering’ movement, and then put his fists together, then breaks them away. He was asking me whether I’m the one who broke the lock.

The situation was not so good for me. He then asked me to follow him to the nearest Koban (police box), while keeping a firm grasp on my arm.

“I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life in Malaysia, and I’ve never been arrested by the police. It only took me 3 months to achieve that in Japan.”

At the Koban, they asked for my alien card, student ID etc, and they were surprisingly polite in doing it. I thought I’m getting the ‘penampar jepun’ first before being asked any questions.

Then they explained to me that the bicycle that I used was reported stolen 3 years ago. That is the first time that I know about 防犯登録 (BouhanTouroku – Registration for Crime Prevention), a system in which an owner of a bicycle should comply to by buying a license and register their bicycle to the police, so that when the bicycle should be reported stolen, it makes it easier for the police to detect the reported bicycle. And Japanese cops are real hard-workers because they really did try to search for those stolen bicycles by looking at the registered license number.

Some called it the ‘bicycle license’.

Shit. I’m in deep shit.

But I tried to keep my calm, because I know I’m clean. The bicycle is not mine. I heard from a friend that he heard his friend talking about hearing a senior of ours telling that the bike belonged to a friend of another senior from another batch; and he left the bike at the Rikko Kaikan (the student hall where we stayed) for the use of us juniors.

I tried to tell this to the policemen at the Koban, but I cannot construct the proper Japanese grammar because my Japanese sucked big time. English was useless because he cannot speak English at all. Probably, the only English words that he knows are of the utmost absurd ones. Like “Fuck you Yankee remember Pearl Harbor” or “I’ll pay you double if you love me long, long time.”

I knew how important it is for me to clear this misunderstanding, and dig myself out of this shit-hole that I’m dragged into. They told me to wait for the police car to come and pick me. They’re sending me to the Nerima City Central Police Station.

The back seat of a Japanese police car is very comfortable. At this point, strangely I don’t felt scared anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m too overconfident that I’m innocent. Or maybe I’m just plain dumb.

I took out my cellphone and activated the camera. As I was thinking about posing for pictures inside the police car with peace signs, the police driver looked at me in the back mirror, his face not so happy.

[It’s not a situation where you do peace signs!!!]

Lesson to everyone: when the police is driving you to the central police station for further questioning, don’t be so relaxed. You might piss them off.

There were 3 police officers in suits waiting in front of the Nerima Prefecture Central Police Station. Without further a due, I was brought to the questioning room on the first floor, and upon entering the room, one of the officers said to his colleagues:

“Wait a minute; he’s still 18 years old!”

At that time, I’m still 18 years old, and according to Japanese law, I’m still a minor.

“We’re going to the juvenile department”

They said some other stuff, but I don’t understand most of it. Maybe they were telling me my rights of something; as I was being brought to the 3rd floor, into the juvenile department.

The juvenile department is kinda different. It looks no different than an office space, except they got questioning rooms.

One medium sized table and two chairs were put facing each other at the center of the dark questioning room. I was told to wait on the chair, and there were 2 police officers in the room.

About 5 minutes later, another 6 police officers, all in plain clothes, entered the room. Damn, Nerima Prefecture must be so damn peaceful, these police man had nothing else to do but to listen to his colleagues questioning me.

Then they started to question me.

“So, what is your favourite Japanese food?”
“How long does it take to come to Japan from Malaysia by airplane?”
“Some other casual questions that was supposed to make me relax”

I was a child at that time, there were 8 japanese police officers in the small room that I’m in, and all of them are asking me these questions that has no connection with the crime that I’m being suspected of committing; I would be lying if I say that I’m not a little bit nervous.

I only managed to understand only a portion of what they’re saying because my Japanese language capability is comparable to the capabilities of Pak Lah of sustaining a firm political stability.

Anyways, those Japanese policemen are too nice, it’s disappointing actually. I thought they’re going to grind me hard until I pissed in my pants and begged for their mercy.

No, those fuckers just asked me which is hotter, Malaysia or Japan.

I asked for the right to make a phone call, and then I rang Tanaka-san, the person in charged of the Rikko Kaikan. I told him that these bored Japanese policeman are just trying to find a way to make them look like they’re doing their job when in reality, they’re just passing time.

“I don’t know what they’re saying to me, I’m innocent, and I want to get out! Do something!”

Then I repeatedly explained to the people at the police station that I was innocent. I don’t know it was a freaking stolen bike! I even tried to explain it in English, and of course it’s more useless.

Then one fat policeman entered the room, and say he’s taking me to the records room. I don’t know the procedures, but the fat policeman kept grabbing my ass while he was transporting me to the records room. It’s fucking weird.

In the records room, they took my fingerprints, weight, height etc. Shit I’m in the Japanese police records! Then they made me hold this piece of plate in front of my chest while they took pictures of me, you know, like they do it in the police movies. It was kinda awesome and scary.

I’m a gangster in Japan, bitches!

Anyways, lucky for me, Tanaka-san, the Rikko Kaikan owner, was connected with the police, and I was let go scott-free. I don’t know how it went down, but he called the police station and kinda bailed me out, and I was not charged with any crime. Probably the police believed my story about me being innocent.

When it was all over, one detective told me that he’s heading out for a case, and he said he don’t mind to drive me to Rikko Kaikan because it was on the way to where he was going to.

He’s so fucking cool.

But I asked him to drop me off at the nearest fish market because I’m cooking fish curry for 5 people that evening.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

hot ramadhan

it's been extremely hot these couple of days, and the heat had been stealing almost all of my energy to get through the day. i'm hung like a tired dog at the end of the day, just before the time of breaking fast.

in the hotness of summer and hungriness of ramadhan, i've been reading about malaysian news. and one of those that caught my attention is the raja petra case.

4 religious departments in malaysia had filed a lawsuit against the provocative malaysian blogger, accusing him of deforming the image of islam, its followers and the prophet Muhammad saw.

two controversial article were brought up: the post entitled I Promise to be a good non-hypocritical Muslim, and the comments made in the post entitled Not all Arabs are descendants of the Prophet.

being the anonymous nature of the internet, i don't think that the blogger should be held accountable on what the readers wrote on the comment area, but raja petra should know better that not everyone understand this.

i don't always agree with what raja petra wrote, because a lot of it are just angry rants, and you don't know whether what he wrote depends on his fabricated imagination or pure fact; but sometimes he did write things that encouraged people to think, so that is why i seldom follow his stories.

if you read his I Promise to be a good non-hypocritical Muslim post, you could easily understand why he made some people really pissed, even during ramadhan.

his angst had compromised his control over how to tip toe across a narrow border of misunderstandings. he is talking smack against muslims, but he is not talking smack against islam. in islam, there are bad muslims and good muslims. and even a good muslim could misunderstood the intention of his post.

call it language barrier, culture barrier.

anyways, raja petra should've known better.

not all of his readers are smart people who could take some honest smack-talking. especially hollier-than-thous.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

puasa hari ke dua

puasa hari kedua nih memang agak mencabar buat aku.

mencabar bukan sebab lapar ke.

panas terik ke.

tapi sebab aku kena present seminar selama 2 jam.

perit anak tekak.

air... aku mahu air...

tapi alhamdulillah.

walaupon tajuk seminar aku susah nak faham.

熱流体物理量 (bincang pasal tenaga mekanik, haba dan tekanan dlm zarah2 - malas ah nak check maksud kot melayu or omputeh)

takde la aku kantoi sangat.

nasib baik prof aku banyak tolong dengan menyampuk time aku tersangkut nak explain. budak2 ni pon tanya soalan susah2. siot tul. nanti time diaorg present, aku nak tanya soalan susah jugak. balas dendam hahaha.

seminar habis pukul 4.

anak tekak menjerit, perut berkeroncong alunan yg tak sedap.

adoi lambat lagi ke nak berbuka nih...

lepas abis, memba lab tanya:

"bakpo demo napok letih jah haghi nih? sakik ko?"

"ooo takde apa2. cuba aku letih sebab aku puasa"


"yap. skang muslim satu dunia tengah berpuasa. hari ni hari kedua. kitaorg kena puasa selama sebulan"

"sebule keno poso? tok mati ko? kawe kalu tok make setengoh haghi pon ghaso leloh"

"bukan nya puasa satu bulan. bila malam bole makan. tapi time matahari ada, takleh makan atau pon minum"

"ooo gitu. gagoh demo neh! ganbare!"

dulu time aku kat nagano collage of tech, aku penah cabar tutor aku puasa. dia bole tahan 3 hari ajeh. tapi siot punya manusia, lepas tu sebab aku ejek dia tak power, bole dia balas balik dengan datang tempat aku, pastu minum air sambil buat suara2 enak.

adoi lambat lagi ke nak berbuka nih...

Monday, September 01, 2008

fukuda out

just after unveiling a stimulus package worth 11.7 trillion yen ($107bn; £59bn) to boost the country's economy a couple of days ago, today the prime minister of japan yasuo fukuda had announced that he's stepping down as the prime minister, ending his short-lived seat of power.

after the influential junichiro koizumi stepped down as prime minister, and the failure of shinzo abe to maintain a stable cabinet, fukuda took the job during japan's lowest political stability; trust and support for the government is at it's lowest.

it seems like the prominent impact of the koizumi-legacy is far too great for the poor fukuda to match and follow suit. at least it didn't went as bad as abe.

the same effect could be seen on malaysian politics.

mahathir left a hole bigger than what abdullah could fill.

and we're not talking about filling a jar with candies here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

fukuda mengatakan dia letak jawatan kerana rasakan telah gagal untuk memberikan apa yg rakyat tuntut; dan adalah lebih baik untuk memberi peluang kepada org lain yg mempunyai approach method yang berlainan untuk menghadapai masalah2 yg dia gagal selesaikan.

at least dia sedar dia silap, dan tidak bodoh sombong.

dah rasa koizumi, abe dan fukuda.

pm seterusnya mcam mana pulak ah?

dah rasa mahathir, abdullah.

pm seterusnya mcam mana pulak ah?

merdeka! lepas tu puasa

selamat menyambut ulang tahun kemerdekaan negara

dah 51 tahun malaysia merdeka

zaman di mana majoriti rakyat

dilahirkan selepas zaman penjajahan

ramai yg tidak tahu

tak faham erti merdeka daripada penjajahan

termasuk lah aku

bacalah buku2

dengar cerita orang tua2

tapi tak mungkin aku tahu dan faham sepenuhnya

yang aku tahu

malaysia sudah merdeka daripada penjajah asing

tapi kita masih dijajah dengan ideologi2 yang kita sendiri tak faham

ada orang pakai rangka agama untuk menjajah

ada orang pakai rangka kaum dan budaya untuk menjajah

cuba meniru buah fikiran mereka2 yang berbeza daripada kita

kita sudah merdeka dari penjajah luar

tapi belum lagi daripada penjajah dalaman

- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - --

hari ni start puasa

ramadhan bermula dengan pagi yang panas terik

masuk tengah hari

perut dah meragam


wahai perut

sorry la lapar mengejut

lama2 biasa la tuh

ramadhan ganbarou!
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