Wednesday, July 30, 2008

new event on the calendar

i'm going to tokyo tomorrow morning for the final interview for nifco.

wish me luck!


* * * * *

have you heard?

miyabi aka maria ozawa
has been finally unleashed and thrusted into the UNcensored world of educational self-help videos.

so to all the lonely perverts out there who thought about killing himself because of how boring he thinks the world is : now you have a reason to live again! rejoice!

endnote: let's just hope that she didn't think about dragging her career long enough to be legendary, like this japanese women below:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

n*i*f*c*o briefing

2 weeks ago, I went to Tamachi(田町), Tokyo to attend a company briefing for a plastic automobile-parts maker, n*i*f*c*o. There were only three students who attended the briefing, so the whole process was done in very informal way; like attending a technology expo except friendlier and with fewer people.

After the briefing, now I understand that the company is driven by creativity; and I was hooked.

So after the briefing, they asked us: so, who wants to try to be part of the company?

All three of us raised our hands.

“Well, then. Let’s first start by testing your IQ and aptitude abilities. Here are some test papers and try to finish it in 2 hours… starting from NOW!”

With so many questions with such a little time, I felt like being tortured. The IQ test is like a normal IQ test, and I don’t think it was painfully hard. But the aptitude test was a pain right in the center of my anus hole. How did they expect us to finish it with this little time?!

I guess it was not just a simple IQ + aptitude test. It was also an endurance test in disguise. I was tired like a stray dog after battling for 120 minutes.

When the 2 hours of pain was over, they told us that we could leave; but they asked me to stay.

“So, before we could accept you as part of the company, you have to pass two interviews: the first one is with the human resource department and the last one, the BIG one: with the boards of directors. You’re from Akita right? It must be hard for you to come to Tokyo 2 more times. So I have a proposal: Why don’t we do the human resource interview right here, right now? Then the next time you came here, it would be straight with the boards of directors.”

Although I’m tired as hell, there is no way I’m going to say no. This could significantly shorten the whole process!

I guess the main propose of the human resource department interview is to look at my character, my personality. They didn’t ask any technical stuff. They just ask simple questions. Like what are my hobbies. My likes and dislikes. Why I choose to further my studies in Japan. How does it feel when I first saw REAL snow. Do I like sushi. Bla la bla.

Just when the interview seems to have come to its end, one of the senior interviewers asked me a rather weird question that caught me off guard:

Do you have a girlfriend?” with a smile on his face.

A girlfriend? A living, breathing, human girlfriend?

“Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Then they burst into laughter. I burst into laughter too, because my private social relationship life is so funny.

I guess an interview that ends with the interviewer and interviewee both laughing, is a good one. Then they told me that if I pass the IQ test + the aptitude test + the human resource interview, they will call me again for the final interview with the boards of directors.

When I was packing my stuff to get ready to leave, the senior interviewer pats my shoulder and asked when my bus leaves. I said 11:00 p.m. and until that time, I have nothing planned.

So he once again surprised me with a question: “You said that you’re doing nothing until your bus leaves, so why don’t you join me for a drink at my favorite izakaya? I know you don’t drink alcohol so you could drink fruit juice instead. Don’t worry, of course I’m paying!”

Is it normal for an interviewer to ask the interviewee to go for a drink after a job interview?

I loosen my neck-tie, take off my suit and said “Why not?”

The izakaya we went to was pack-full of salaryman. Then as he drinks his favourite Shōchū, and me with my apple juice, we talked about various, interesting topics. About how the Japanese young generation has changed compared to the old days. About how dangerous Japan has become (I still think that Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world though). The strict Japanese culture of seniority. How ones way of thinking changes dramatically over time. Lots of interesting things.

But I couldn’t really focus on the talking because the girl sitting next to me kept getting groped by his old, ugly ‘boyfriend’, probably her sugar daddy who was sitting on the other side of her. The drunken sugar daddy even tried to took her panties off, begging to let him smell it, but in vain because she said she didn’t wear any. That girl is a genius; that is why she has a sugar daddy.

Anyways, after we left the izakaya, he insisted to walk me to the nearest train station. Then I said my goodbyes. I think he is really a nice person inside. He is still polite even when he was drunk.

On the bus home, I can’t keep my mind off that panty-less girl.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

buying a new mp3 player

i'm buying a new mp3 player prior to the coming summer break; i'm planning to travel a lot and my 2 years old creative zen v plus looks extremely outdated now. so i'm going to buy a brand new mp3 player and give the old one to my little sister.

after spending some time researching about the current mp3 players out there, i have finally shrank my options of choice to 2: the apple 8gb ipod touch or the new 16gb creative zen.

although the 16gb creative zen does not have the cool new touch screen interface and the wifi capabilities of the ipod touch, it is still a very solid mp3 player and a more-than-capable portable video player with support of countless audio and video format. it is cheaper and the media storage is significantly bigger (16gb against the ipod touch's 8gb). the creative zen also support sync with windows media player (my main media player on my computer), and divx videos could be moved to the player and be played instantly without the use of additional codec converter; a very HUGE plus!

so what about the 8gb ipod touch? it's a lot pricier (34960yen compared to the zen's cheap price tag of 18663yen) but it definitely has the most features with support for additional widgets (if you use hacking software to install 3rd party utilities), the cool touch screen user interface, wifi capabilities, internet surfing etc.

without a doubt, the apple ipod touch is the COOLEST portable audio player out there, but like all other apple products, it suffers from freedom of compatibility and flexibility in moving media files from the computer into the player. it has limited format support, and everything must go through the clunky apple itunes software. the touch screen is a cool feature, but i predict its coolness wears thin quicker than expected.

although at this point, i prefer the more practical creative zen, the coolness of the ipod touch cannot be forgotten. so i'm in a dilemma; should i get the cool and trendy ipod touch, or the more practical and highly cost-effective creative zen?Apple ipod touch

Positive points:
* the touch screen user interface is extremely cool
*the design is more slick
*its an apple product, a branding power that you could use to brag to your friends
* support of additional widget through hacking that could further increase its functions

Negative Points:
*a lot more pricier
* limited support of audio and video format
* strictly dictatorship-style of apple bonding the player with the clunky itunes
* lower storage capacityCreative Zen

Positive points
* a lot more cheaper
* great compatibility with various audio/video format + ease of use in synching
* greater storage capacity
* expandable media storage with the sd card slot
* highly cost effective

Negative points
* not as cool as the ipod touch
* no wifi support
* no widget support
* you cannot brag as much as you could with the ipod touch

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

after setting my priorities straight, i have finally decided to go with the creative zen. i'm also getting the sony headphone with noise canceling technology; and the price of both plus the skin pack is still cheaper than buying a 8gb ipod touch alone. practicality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness wins against trendy coolness.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

shake of the day

there was a small earthquake (turns out to be 4.0 in richter scale) just minutes ago and it made me quite dizzy because everything was shaking. after the bigger wave of shakes stopped, i quickly took the video below:
p/s: my room was messy from the beginning, NOT because of the earth-quake. :P

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hyori Li - U Go Girl

before this music video is made public, i have no idea who I Hyo-lee (Hyori Lee) is.

born in May 10th of 1979, she is a popular South Korean singer and actress and was rumored to be the highest-paid female singer in South Korea.

This is her latest music video, a trojan horse to her comeback into the korean entertainment business after a brief hiatus.

at the age of 29, she still holds the crown of being the sexy queen of korean entertainment.

or so it was said.
but i'm just curious.

are korean pop-idols using the same cosmetic surgeon?

because their appearance do resemble each other in some way.

anyways, the song was pretty catchy and the music video was pretty fun to watch. i don't choose good + cheap entertainment.

* yes, i know. the youtube video was extremely in low res that it makes it hard to see what's going on. want to see the higher quality of the music video above? go here!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

disappointment of the day

to disappoint is : to fail to meet the expectation or hope of

watch the video below if you want to be disappointed


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

exams for the week

damn i so hate exams.

tomorrow : robotic engineering (ロボット工学)
the day after tomorrow : system engineering (制御工学)

these two are my most hated subjects in my degree course.

i've lost interest in robot-development through that robotic engineering subject. i thought doing robotics is cool, before i have to actually learn the basics and fundamental theories/theories of methods of moving a simple 3-point based robotic arm. the calculation is ridiculous!

i hate robots. robots will conquer the world and it will enslave us humans. you know, like in the movies, like the matrix.

so it would be better if they stop teaching robotic engineering and replace it with more human-friendly subjects,

like how to make a cute girl smile,

or how to teach your cat how to flush the toilet,

or how to eat ice-cream the right way so that it won't drip and leave a stain on your shirt,

during this hot summer season.

robotic engineering and system engineering comes hand in hand, so maybe that is why i hate them both, equally.

but there is no use of me ranting about this.

i should just do my best to pass the paper.

then, i won't have to worry about robots anymore.

but our grand-grandsons will have to;

because robots will conquer the world!

arrr arrr arrr !!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

one nose-bleeding afternoon

I don’t know whether it’s the sudden change in humidity and temperature, or maybe because of the sudden rise of girls from the education faculty wearing (even more) flesh-baring summer clothings that never failed to catch the attention of visual-based creatures like the human male; I got a terrible nose-bleed in the afternoon today at the lab.

The nose-bleed was not that bad actually, but you can’t help but felt a bit surprised when you see all those blood on the tissue.

I cleaned my ‘bloody’ nose with water, stuck it with a well-twisted pieces of tissue, stopped thinking about perverted things, and the bleeding magically stopped. I don’t know what I did right, but it helped.

With the nose-bleed problem solved, now I can go back to doing the boring fortran practices. It’s really an alien programming language to me, and I’m still not used to the basic structures and flow of how the program reads its codes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Why would a straight guy like me, would even consider drinking an extremely gay drink such as jasmine tea? Well, for the sake of diet of course! and I'm doing pretty good with this diet thingy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

mirror needed to help with reality-check




















* * * * *













Sunday, July 13, 2008

salad girl question


you should come by my apartment after the exams is over because i'm making you a special summer salad.

> > >

am i being invited to a normal salad eating ceremony or does it means something else? like, should i bring my own natural dressing?


cultural differences intrigues my imagination.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

i still watch movies!

Speed Racer – 8.5
I don’t remember having such a blast watching a movie in the cinema. This film is the definition of mindless entertainment. The visual art reminds me of Akira’s biker-gang scene, Audio Surf, Tron and Star Wars Pod Racing. Watching the Mach 5 (the name of the car) doing crazy drifts at high speed around tight corners while flipping left and right trying to get away from danger originated from Speed’s opponents is such a joy! The costume, the chimp, the cars, the tracks; all this brings back memories of my childhood watching Speed Racer. The Wachowski brothers really nailed the feel of the anime into a live-action movie. The ending for the last race is what I would call excitement in an orgasmically climatic build of tension and awesomeness. Go and watch this movie now ! Highly recommended!

Kungfu Panda – 8.0
Another great CGI movie from dreamworks that could be enjoyed both by kids and adults. The story is simple, a lot of funny scenes and the animation is superb. Highly entertaining and I just can’t wait for Kungfu Panda 2 ! Anyways, the storyline of this movie reminded me of Aflin Shauki’s Sumolah! Highly recommended !

The Eye (Hollywood Ver.) - 8.0
Hollywood adaptation of Asian scary movies always sucks, but not this one. Surprisingly, I think this one is actually better than the Hong Kong original. Especially the ending. If you liked the original Hong Kong version of the movie, you’ll surely like this one too. Surely not scary enough for me, but at least it’s not boring.

地下鉄に乗って (Metro ni notte) – 6.5
An ordinary Japanese salaryman got the shock of his life when the subway train he rides took him to his past; unveiling a hurtful truth about the history of his hated father.

The Forbidden Kingdom – 6.5
White boy likes kungfu. White boy got teleported to ancient china where every one is an ass kicking kungfu master. Jet Li + Jackie Chan fighting each other. Freaking awesome fight scenes. Cheezy dialogues at the end.

Be Kind Rewind – 6.8
Michel Gondry (Director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), Jack Black, Mos Def. Funny film, but not for the masses. Jack Black is being Jack Black the whole time in the movie but Mos Def surprises me the most with his subtle acting performance. The problem I have with the film is how the last 1/3 of the film goes from being really funny, to being too much ‘deep’ with community-warmth messages.

REC – 7.0
Blair-witch project clone. A very good one at that too. A young reporter got stuck in an apartment building with the tenants and was thrown into this game of cat and mouse chase between zombies. The last 30 minutes of the film is pretty fucking scary. Horror fans will love this film.

The Devil Wears Prada – 7.0
I should pat my own back for having the courage to watch such a useless chick-flick. Although Anne Hathaway might be the only reason I stayed to the end, surprisingly, I totally enjoyed it! Predictable storylines and feminine stupidity does not stop me from wanting to watch more of Anne Hathaway.

Dead Men’s Shoes – 6.0
The older brother is in the army. The younger brother is a retard. Some dude bullied the younger brother to his suicide. The older brother attempts revenge. And in the end, there was a cool twist. Extremely boring movie, but the ending was ok.

日本以外全部沈没 (The World Sinks Except Japan)– 4.5
The worst Japanese movie I’ve ever seen in my entire movie-watching life. Horrible acting, terrible story, cheap-ass budget that shows, idiotic storyline; just don’t waste your time with this movie. I recommend watching Catwomen while getting your dick bitten by a sick dog rather than taking the time to watch this movie. Crappy Japanese movie directors, please die a horrible lonely death.

The Golden Compass – 6.5
The special effects were kinda cool but I don’t like how the main character lies all the way through the film, and this is supposed to teach kids what? Nicole Kidman is a milf !

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – 7.0
The beginning was kinda interesting but I slept at the end. Quite boring. The white-bitch was fucking lame as hell.

The Machinist – 8.5
Probably the second if not the best Christian Bale movie I have ever seen so far. If you want to explain what a psychologically scary thriller means, this movie might come on top of the list. This is what you got when you mix Fight Club with Memento. Interesting storyline, superb acting. Christian Bale choose to loose a LOT of weight just for this film, and it brings so much more to the character, how his guilt has eaten the very inside of him, physically and mentally. A must watch. Please, WATCH THIS !!!

The Onion Movie – 7.4
You mix hundreds of satirical news jokes, mixed it with sarcasm and racial slur, put it together into a movie, and you get the onion movie. Pretty funny.

Solstice – 6.0
Just another mediocre teen-scary-movie. You should’ve skip to the last 30 minutes and might enjoyed it better that way.

The Happening – 7.0
The beginning of the movie is very promising but below average acting, boring dialogues, not-scary-at-all scenes and ancient cinematography style pulls you away from being immersed in the movie. Mark Walberg should’ve skipped this movie and be in an action movie where he became the bad guy instead. This might be the first M. Night Shayamalan movie that disappoints.

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay – 6.0
The first Harold and Kumar movie was not so bad and the combination of the Korean guy and the Indian guy was pretty funny. The second movie, unfortunately tries too hard to be the first one and kept using the same lame joke. If you like the disgusting jokes about vaginas and penises in the first movie, you’re going to like this one too. Be warned that there is nudity in this film, and watching the ‘whore house’ scene while the azan software runs the azan audio, is very, very wrong.

Friday, July 11, 2008

di raba sebelum solat jumaat

tengok jam. sudah pukul 12:10 tengah hari.

solat jumaat start pukul 12:20. jalan cepat sket ah, biar sampai surau awal.

aku berjalan pantas, mata lurus ke depan.

aku tak nampak awek2 berskirt mini kiri kanan.

aku tak nampak paha2 mereka yg putih melepak.

lagi2 dek pantulan cahaya matahari.

aku dalam perjalanan nak menunaikan solat.

aku berjalan pantas, mata lurus ke depan.

[ ali ! ali ! ]

hmm? sapa yg panggil tu?


awek yg suka sentuh2 tu datang melambai plak!

aku tak nak terbatal air sembahyang plak.

so aku jalan pantas, mata lurus ke depan.

* * * * * * * * *

tapi aku sebenarnya jalan lambat, mata plak terus pergi ke arah suara yg memanggil nama aku.

baju style british high school punya sweater. mini skirt.

kalo terbatal wuduk, kena buka kasut, buka stokin, baru bole ambik wuduk balik.


kali ni aku takkan benar kan dia nih raba aku!

* * * * * * * * *

baru aje 10 saat aku start bercakap, dia dah nak raba siku aku.

aku dengan pantas bertindak mengangkat siku.

biar dia raba tulang rusuk aku yg berlapik dengan baju daripada sentuh siku aku yg bogel.

tapi 'awek suka meraba' nih macam kucing.

lagi dia tak dapat, makin aktif dia nak tangkap.

[[ aku rasa, kalo ada sapa2 yg bagi dia hadiah ipod touch.

mau dia gelak sampai mati sebab gembira gila. ]]

aku bersilat demi mempertahankan wuduk.

aku serious. gilak serious. sebab aku tak nak bukak stokin.

* * * * * * * * *

dalam kesengitan pertarungan yg hangat itu.

mcam mana ntah.

aku bole terlutut dia punya ibu jari sebelah kanan.

macam jaguh tomoi siam, aku bagi lutut sama itu ibu jari.


rangup bunyi pertembungan itu.

tapi air muka 'awek suka meraba' tu tak rangup langsung.

sakit sangat ke kena lutut ngan aku?

* * * * * * * * *

akhirnya aku berjaya mempertahankan wuduk.

tak payah buka stokin, bole terus solat.

tapi aku rasa.

lepas ni awek tu tak akan datang raba aku lagi.


* * * * * * * * *

aku tak kesah pon kena raba.

tapi jangan la time aku nak gi solat!

tapi aku rasa mcam tak adil la.

asal pompoan bole raba laki.

tapi laki tak leh raba pompoan?

i demand gender equality !!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

setsumeikai in tokiyo

i'm going to tokyo again tonight to attend yet another company briefing.

the headquarter of the company is in kanagawa prefecture but they choose to do the briefing in tokyo because the company just bought a huge space in the japanese times building at tamachi.

there is going to be yet another aptitude and creativity test after the briefing. i gotta be sharp for that.


today at the lab, we set up login accounts into the university's mathematica workstation, and for the first time were able to test the codes that we wrote before to test wether the computer understands our amateurish coding skills.

i just don't understand why should we go through all the hassle of using unix just to operate a fortran calculation. that operating system is super user-UNfriendly!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

マレーシアか!? pastu citer pasal pakcik NHK



















Thursday, July 03, 2008

bunken happyou

alhamdulillah the presentation went smooth.

well... maybe it did not went exactly like i wanted it to ran.

i happened to forgot to set the stupid automatic progress function off; so the program changes the slides automatically after a short period of time. that was so clumsy of me.

at least i didn't get scolded as bad as okada-kun did.

man, i pity him. he made a little mistake for not using the pointer effectively, and got scolded big time by this one particularly cranky professor.

the very second the ruthless scolding moment stopped, everybody in the room went silent. probably the professor had a bad day, and lashed out on something so small.

he's just out of luck, i guess.

*** *** *** *** ***

ok, now i got more time to focus on doing the mathematica programming language fortran. i think i'm kinda left behind in progress compared to the other kids in the research lab. i used to do C++ before, so i guess it wouldn't be that hard to play catch up.

i also have to prepare for the coming job-interview. this time i will have to sit for an aptitude test (適性試験) plus a 'weird' imagination test (想像力試験). anything they'd to to make an interviewee's life a little bit more nervous.

cheeky bastards.

*** *** *** *** ***

lunch menu for the day: 六条麦茶(rokujyou mugi cha - rokujyo barley tea), さば弁当 (saba bentou - mackerel lunch set), 野菜生活100紫の野菜 (murasaki no yasai - purple veggie drink), glico's とろーりクリームプリン (torori kurimu purin - thick creamy pudding).

itadakimashita! (gochisousamadeshita - nagano style)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

anwar liwat 2nd ver : seven sodomy conspiracy theories

you can read the full article here.

1. A certain political rival of Anwar is behind it.
2. Anwar himself is behind it.
3. Both of them are behind it.
4. Saiful Bukhari is acting alone.
5. One of their close aides is behind it.
6. An even bigger player is behind it.
7. The biggest conspiracy of all - it really happened.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

praktis present

aku start buat slide untuk presentation dari pukul 10:00 a.m.

garu sana, garu sini.

siap pukul 7:00 p.m.

so aku ajak la memba2 satu lab untuk tengok presentation punya rehearsal.

10 minit 32 saat. takde la terlebih limit masa pon.

pastu aku tanya diaorg: so, ada apa2 kesalahan? atau nak komen apa2?

" ok, nak start dari mana dulu. mula2 kan, ada penggunaan kanji yg tak betul. bukan tak betul, cuma bunyi tak best aje. pastu kat bahagian isotope tu, baik jangan pakai kanji, pakai katakana aje, lagi senang org faham. bla bla bla "

seribu satu komen, pembetulan, idea di lontarkan.

ooo nampak nya diaorg nih memang betul2 tengok ngan teliti la presentation aku nih. ingatkan tengok - tengok ayam aje. org jepun nih memang semangat aje all the time.

" bercakap pon kena practice lagi, biar bagi lancar sket. biar bunyi macam org jepun. pronunciation dah ok dah, cuma kelancaran aje yg masih bunyi mcam foreigner "

allo, aku memang foreigner pon.

kulit sawo matang.

hitam manis, kalo ikut kata peminat aku time form 3 dulu.


pastu pegi panggil prof plak, untuk last check.

" hmmm..... banyak gak kena betul kan nih. lagi penting drpd tu, kamu faham tak teori yg sum frequency generation spectroscopy nih pakai? contact-mode atomic force microscopy nih penah pakai? continuum mechanics ada faham? "

aku geleng kepala. toleh tengok memba2 aku yg sedap aje mengomen aku tadi, diaorg pon geleng kepala.

" ok la kita start dari basic. high school physics. dulu penah buat experiment pecah kan cahaya pakai slit kan? wavelength berbeza ... friction nih kena kira sampai scala nano ... zarah2 nih serap cahaya, tukar kepada tenaga translational kinetic pastu pantul balik jadi haba ... perbezaan friction bole dikesan diantara berlian yg disaluti layer hydrogen ngan deuterium ... bla bla bla "

aku rasa tak penah aku dapat sebanyak ini ilmu dalam masa 3 jam. memang power la prof aku! senang2 aje dia citer subject yg major dalam materials enggineering, sedang kan dia mechanical enggineering punya prof. berasap gak otak aku nak proses sumer information nih.

dah la aku rasa kena tipu ngan cikgu fizik dulu2. teori nak cari friction yg diajar time skolah dulu tak tepat rupanya, kalo nak ambik kira luas dalam skala nano. aku makin faham sekarang kenapa dulu kita kena terima aje result yg padat ngan ralat.

3 jam jugak aku tahan berak. fuuh memang mencabar.

tengok jam kat dinding. pukul 10:30 malam. gilak ah.

*** *** *** *** ***

makan tengahari untuk hari ni: 黒豆黒茶(kuromame kurocha - black bean's black tea), Kagome 紫の野菜(murasaki no yasai - purple veggie), 鮭弁当(shake bento - salmon set), クリームカニコロッケ(kuri-mu kani korokke - creamy crab croquette)
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