Tuesday, April 29, 2008

29hb 4 2008

it's the 29th of april 2008, marking the launch of one of the most anticipated games of all time; grand theft auto IV. i've never been this excited for a game release since half-life 2!

i pre-ordered the game months before and i just got confirmation that they just shipped it from the store, going right into my mailbox. i just can't wait to get my hands on this game; the wait is simply killing me!

although i've only finished gtaIII, played half through gta vice city and almost completed gta san andreas, i knew that this is going to be the best gta game yet!

new shooting mechanism, new physics engine with the amazing euphoria technology, liberty city setting with more detail and realism, beautiful graphics, awesome character and storylines; the list of good things to come from this game is getting me all worked up to play.

the new multiplayer gameplay looks totally fun too!

come on sweet little game, come to papa! my xbox360 needs some working up to do!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

have undies, the otakus will follow

Every Sunday, the street of akihabara is closed to vehicles to allow pedestrians the much needed breathing space to fully enjoy shopping and sight seeing in the famous ‘Electric Town’ of Tokyo. The empty space provided also gave certain people certain opportunities: cosplayers to show-off their latest anime costumes, wanna-be singers to promote their self-fund cds, street performers to show-off their skills, café attendants dressed in French maid costume to promote their café, and also gravure idols to show some skin for the sake of promoting their latest work.

And no gravure idol is as crazy as asuka sawamoto (沢本あすか), who has caused quite a stir in the otaku community when she went to the street, lift up her skirt and let hundreds of perverts took pictures of her undies. After the her outrageous 'performance', she climbed down the railings to give out flyers to promote her next gig.

Apparently, these perverts were called 'low-anglers' (ローアングラー), because they only took pictures from low angles; and it's the latest 'trend' in akihabara among fans of japanese 'small-time' idols. And all of this happened on a public road, and can be seen by everyone including children passing by.

. .

What a way to enflame a discussion about how far could freedom of expression and morality go along. Every time she did this, hundreds of low-anglers would flood the streets and with their mobile phones and some, expensive SLR cameras, took pictures of her in ‘funny’ positions and angles.

This being Japan, the police did nothing (because the police are also perverts); well at least until a tv program made a story about it. Eventually, she got caught and charged with public disturbance (迷惑防止条例違反) and to the dismay of her ‘fans’, it was revealed that she was actually 31 years old, 10 years older than what she told the press.

So now the underground Japanese bbs were filled with otaku jokes about how stupid they are, chasing a slutty obasan around with their mobile phones. More pics here .<--- click the link for a more detailed story (japanese).

Talking about such pervertness is always fun, but this time, it’s so over the top that I can’t even make one joke. Sometimes, akihabara is just too much. Remember, she was caught not because of her shameless performance, but of what she had encouraged: that is making huge crowds that disturbed other pedestrian and the flow of traffic.

Man, what a crazy place. Akihabara, enough is enough!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

already fading out, but still ebi-chan!

yuri ebihara aka ebi-chan has been quoted: "If someone doesn't find me cute, I want to know why because then I'll work on it to get better at being cute".

why would anyone think that she's not... erm... cute?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Beautiful Women Marry Less Attractive Men

An article from yahoo discussing the question that many single men with jealous eyes would ask their other single friends : how and why the ugly guy got that hot girl? Pretty good theory, and a good read too. Just don't believe every word of it.


Women seeking a lifelong mate might do well to choose the guy a notch below them in the looks category. New research reveals couples in which the wife is better looking than her husband are more positive and supportive than other match-ups.

The reason, researchers suspect, is that men place great value on beauty, whereas women are more interested in having a supportive husband.

Researchers admit that looks are subjective, but studies show there are some universal standards, including large eyes, "baby face" features, symmetric faces, so-called average faces, and specific waist-hip ratios in men versus women.

Past research has shown that individuals with comparable stunning looks are attracted to each other and once they hook up they report greater relationship satisfaction. These studies, however, are mainly based on new couples, showing that absolute beauty is important in the earliest stages of couple-hood, said lead researcher James McNulty of the University of Tennessee. But the role of physical attractiveness in well-established partnerships, such as marriage, is somewhat of a mystery.

The new study, published in the February issue of the Journal of Family Psychology, reveals looks continue to matter beyond that initial attraction, though in a different way.

Supportive spouses

McNulty's team assessed 82 couples who had married within the previous six months and had been together for nearly three years prior to tying the knot. Participants were on average in their early to mid-20s.

Researchers videotaped as each spouse discussed with their partner a personal problem for 10 minutes. The tapes were analyzed for whether partners were supportive of spouses' issues, which included goals to eat healthier, to land a new job and to exercise more often.

"A negative husband would've said, 'This is your problem, you deal with it,'" McNulty said, "versus 'Hey, I'm here for you; what do you want me to do?; how can I help you?'"

A group of trained "coders" rated the facial attractiveness of each spouse on a scale from 1 to 10, with the perfect 10 representing the ultimate babe. About a third of the couples had a more attractive wife, a third a more attractive husband and the remaining partners showed matching looks.

Trophy wives

Overall, wives and husbands behaved more positively when the woman was better looking.

The finding "seems very reasonable," said Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at MIT's Program in Media Arts and Sciences and Sloan School of Management. "Men are very sensitive to women's attractiveness. Women seem to be sensitive to men's height and salary," said Ariely, who was not involved in the recent study.

In couples with more attractive husbands, both partners were less supportive of one another. McNulty suggests wives mirror, in some ways, the level of support they get from husbands.

"The husband who's less physically attractive than his wife is getting something more than maybe he can expect to get," McNulty told LiveScience. "He's getting something better than he's providing at that level. So he's going to work hard to maintain that relationship."

Men who are more attractive than their partners would theoretically have access to partners who are more attractive than their current spouses, McNulty said. The "grass could be greener" mentality could make these men less satisfied and less committed to maintain the marriage.

Physical attractiveness of husbands is not as important to women, the researchers suggest. Rather, wives are looking for supportive husbands, they say.

So it seems the mismatch in looks is actually a perfect match. "Equitable is unlikely to mean the same on every dimension," Ariely said during a telephone interview. "It just means that overall two people make sense together."

So to all those hot women rated 10, don't go for those pretty boys, choose me!

Friday, April 18, 2008

ali punya kari

aku suka makan kari buatan sendiri.

dalam banyak2 kari.

aku paling suka kari buatan sendiri.

kari aku lemak berkrim.

pedas rempah.

masam. manis. sumua rasa ada.

mana tak nya.

dalam tu.

letak susu.

sos tiram.

pati ayam.

sos tomato.

jepun punya sos soya.


pastu tepung kanji.

kadang2 aku jatuh cinta dengan diri sendiri.

sebab aku masak kari sedap.

nasib baik tak masuk serai aje.

Thursday, April 17, 2008



YUI got her latest album [I Loved Yesterday] out recently and although it sounded very much like her, I think it still failed to top her first album's brilliantness. The premium edition of the album comes with a special dvd of her budokan live concert, and if you are a YUI fan, you have to watch the dvd. the opening is simply amazing...


Parallel to Dizons' latest single release [Love Paradox], the young jump has released yet another photoalbum /magazine at the low price of 980yen; titled [Pure Leah]. Sexier than her last photoalbum, I thank the guys at the young jump production!


Kago Ai aka Aibon, ex-morning musume cutie who got fired from the popular japanese pop group is making a comeback by appearing on her first television interview in 2 years after her 'smoking scandal' got scooped by the smile balls at the shukanshi. Talking about wrist cuts and the pain in handling excessive stress, she vowed to better herself and rebuild her carrier from scratch; first by starting to blog and doing photoshoots. Good luck aibon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

idea untuk resume












Tuesday, April 15, 2008

halal sex is better than zina


Today I’m going to talk about the dilemma faced by some malay muslim couples who is studying overseas while being supported by a sponsorship: they love each other and want to get married but their contract with their sponsors prohibited this. I know this is not a rare case, and it is surely one topic that is interesting to talk about.

I fully understand why these sponsors ruled such agreement on their contracts. They pay money to the students so that they could focus on studying. The sponsors are concerned that if they got married, their focus on studying would plummeted and all they would do is sex sex sex sex sex sexxx xxx xxx every minute of God’s given time; and according to what I read from [The Guide to Violent Children], sex could lead to babies and babies would lead to bigger responsibility that might suffocate the minds of a young couple who are still studying.

Kahwin untuk menjauhi maksiat.

A signed contract cannot be changed, but the problem is: What if the guy cannot bear being patient anymore? What if everytime he catches the sweet smell of her girlfriend’s beautiful skin under those hijab, a sudden rush of blood to his nuclear missile occurs? What if everytime they’re on a date, he can’t help but imagine himself kissing her collar bone and sucking her bubble-gum tongue? He constantly wonders whether she would be aroused by just being sniffed at for 5 minutes while she is naked sitting on his computer chair. What if he cannot control his mini-me anymore when he is with her, especially when she’s licking a lollipop in her right hand and a vanilla ice-cream cone on the other? Yes, my muslim friends, satan is a creative bastard.

My point is that these creative thinking sponsored by satan, although harmless, possesses a great deal of danger of the guy going out of control and finally blowing his load, in and all around her kitty cage. Zina. Adultery.

Of course you could advice the guy to pray more seriously, be more pious and even leave her girlfriend all together; but what if it’s beyond prevention? Clearly it is better for them to get married, and have (protected) sex as much as they wanted. Halal sex is always better than zina. I am totally against the cock-blocking movement.

So finally they decided to get married secretly so that the sponsor doesn’t know. Breaking a contract is a big risk, but getting permission from their parents is another problem.

Most parents would surely be against these marriages; they want their daughters to finish their studies first before allowing one young men to break their precious princess's hymen layer. This is very understandable. They don’t want their daughter to ❤❤❤❤ and ❥❥❥❥ and ♡♡♡♡ everynight and ended up with several kids, thus making it hard for her to focus on her studies. Pretty acceptable reason right?

So how do you reason with such parents?

It’s easy. Tell them that you promise to wear condoms, 2 condoms at the same time everytime you want to nail their daughter. Problems solved! Yay! If the parent is still stubborn, give them a telephone call and say this:


Of course, you should only use that line during extreme conditions, when all form of negotiation does not work; as the last bullet in the revolver. And I don’t think I should remind you that anal sex is prohibited in islam. You don’t really mean it when you say you’re going to anally rape her daughter, it’s just a fake threat, get it?

This was supposed to be a great threat. There is no father in this would that want to look at a picture of some young, hairy dude having anal sex with his precious princess.

On a second thought, just forget about that line. It will never work. You marry to make family members, not enemies.

Oh man, this is such a fucked up entry. I’m really sorry for the language. I really should be focusing on finding a job right now. Forget what I said. I promise to be more sensitive.

p/s:cock blocker: A person (male or female) who intentionally or unintentionally disrupts (block) a guy from getting some punani.

Monday, April 14, 2008


LEAH DIZON by the beach watching fat guys playing beach volleyball
SASAKI NOZOMI in a schoolgirl cosplay that made everybody happy
CHO SANG HE holding some random leaves that nobody cares

Sunday, April 13, 2008

lesbians you'd dream about

masami chan and ueno juri, kissing in the first episode of the new japanese drama series [Last Friend]. there is nothing more exciting in japanese tv than this scene.

o yeah! way to go masami chan, you've picked the right drama!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

strangest dream

--- journal entry for march 28th 2008 ---

I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt I was in my hometown, in pasir mas and I was walking to the local madrasah to pray margrib. As the madrasah become closer and closer, I felt my feet being heavier and heavier. I tried to walk faster because I want to be able to pray in the front saf but my legs become heavier and heavier. I tried to run and I tried so hard, it’s so excruciatingly exhausting. Then I puked out of pain and muscle exhaustion. It was so tiring, I was breathing heavily and sweating like I’m doing a 100km marathon in the middle of the sahara desert. Finally, I arrived at the madrasah, and my exhausted legs couldn’t hold me anymore so I fell on the steps; I was so close; so I crawl into the madrasah; my hands were shaking out of exhaustion. Other people just look at me and keep walking into the madrasah.

Then my emotions take a sharp turn from feeling tormented by exhaustion, to feeling joy and happiness of my success. I made it. I made it on time. I was so happy. I looked up and I could see everybody else in the madrasah were smiling. They were smiling at me. I was so relieved, and happy. My shoulder blades felt lighter.

Then, without any explanation, my chest felt like it was filled with thick black smoke; it was very uncomfortable. My head felt heavy, my chest is about to explode. Then I cried.

I cried. I cried. I cried.

My heart is breaking. So I cried. The pain is not in my leg muscle, but deep inside my heart. So I cried. I bit my lips and grind my teeth so hard because I was crying. I cried so hard, it’s difficult to breathe. I lost control of my own emotions.

I could feel that each drop of tear brings along with them an ounce of the negative energy that was overwhelming me from the inside of my chest, flowing through my sore throat and out of my eyes. My chest felt lighter as I continue to cry.

Then, I woke up. My eyes felt very warm. Real tears are running down my cheek. I was crying in my dream; and I’m crying in real life. I don’t know that the human tear is as warm as this. I tried to stop crying because I got no reason to cry; but I just couldn’t stop. It’s very confusing, and I started to freak out. I was crying more than I was crying in my dream.

In the middle of this confusion and flow of warm tears, I thought to myself: “Holy Shit. I am crying! This is fucking amazing!”. The last time I cried was when I was 13 years old, inside the school madrasah; so it has been a long, long time. That was ten years ago.

This is such a rare occasion, so I took my camera and started to take pictures of me crying. Tears were dropping onto my lap, but I felt nothing now. No sadness, no pain, no joy, nothing. It seems like I have drained my emotions through gallons of tears. I just pushed the shutter button several times until I stopped crying.

I was able to took 18 pictures until I stopped crying; but only 3 of those shots were of me crying. The rest of the pictures are useless because my hands were so shaky, I kept capturing the ceiling and the back wall. Out of the 3, only one picture has perfect focus; the other 2 were too blurry that it’s hard to notice the tears running down my cheek.

All this crying is robbing me of my energy. So I decided to get back to sleep. Plus, maybe I could continue my dream and find out exactly why I cried. I took a long piss and went back to bed. It’s so cold that morning that my warm piss turned into steam. It smelled pretty bad.

Why am I sharing this with you?  You might ask. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know. Maybe because I thought that it would be cool. Or maybe I’m just concerned. What if this dream, my tears, has some meaning? A message for me; a warning about something. A reminder. I will never know the answers to these questions.

Or maybe I do.

Fuck it. I don’t believe in that bullshit. If dreams have even an ounce of relevance to real life, I’d be the luckiest human being among men with a healthy dick. I tried to console myself by saying that; I'm trying to push away the negativity surrounding my consciousness. I was supposed to be strong.

Mimpi tu mainan setan.

p/s: I don’t really remember what I dreamt about when I went back to sleep. It’s just some random wet dream, nothing special.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

sepuluh hari bulan empat

i do my shopping for new clothes only once or twice a year, and i chose today to buy some new clothes because suddenly i got bored of the adidas jumper that i've been wearing for the past 4 years.

i bought a blue jacket and a long sleeve shirt. i don't really care about fashion, but i believe in dressing decently. i think the shirt matched the jacket well enough. i don't buy any pants because i got more than i needed; plus i bought a new levis jeans last year, and that should last me another 2-4 years.

on the way back, i got stopped by (again!) christian missionaries! and this time, they're americans! they said they're not from the jehovah witness church, but some other church that i don't remember the name. i don't know what is wrong with these christian missionaries; they are very friendly at first but when i said that i'm a muslim, the 'friendly' expression on their faces changed into 'troubled'.

they got nothing to worry about because i forgot to bring my bomb-strapped-jacket along.

but it got me thinking; why are there so many christian missionaries here in akita? when i was in nagano, i never met these people. maybe these missionaries are attracted to the 3 things that are famous in akita: the komachi rice, the komachi sake and the akita bijin (美人-pretty girls). looks like the christian youth, just like the muslim youth, are also horny to fuck?!

hahaha i'm just kidding. being horny to fuck got nothing to do with any religion. it's a natural thing.

maah, forget about that; what is more important is that i got my xbox360 back from the repair shop; and it's all free of charge! fuck yeah! now i can get my game on again! i already ordered condemned: bloodshot; can't wait to play that and be spooked out of my mind!

last week i ate udon. then i took the picture below at a 100yen shop.

lastly, to end this totally random post; a peaceful picture of aragaki yui being trapped inside a shower of artificial rain. she should do more stuff like this. so sweet, so relaxing.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

hati kama to the Xmalaysians

. .

If you were asked by a non-malaysian to introduce him/her to Malaysian music, what song would you recommend him/her? For me, Hati Kama by Siti Nurhaliza and Noraniza Idris is the perfect song to start. That song is so uniquely Malaysian! Well, it probably got a little ‘arabian’ influence to it, but no arab song is better than Hati Kama; well at least in my opinion.

Do you have any other recommendations?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

dah lama tak review movie nih...

The Air I Breathe – 8.0
Four short stories involving 4 characters symbolising love, happiness, sorrow and pleasure; and the combination of the 4 made a pretty interesting movie. The stories evolve and were told to you like completing a puzzle. The 4 different stories that has no connection with each other at first, were eventually bind and sewn together to complete a tale. The way the stories were told is like Pulp Fiction + Momento or even maybe Lost; and these techniques worked well enough to hold you interest till the end.

Funky Forest: The First Contact (ナイスの森)- 7.8
This is. The MOST. WEIRDEST. Movie I’ve ever seen. In my entire LIFE! Featuring Japan’s best actors/actress like Tadanobu Asano, Rinko Kikuchi, Susumu Terajima, Kazue Fukiishi and Ryo Kase, to teenage idols like Shihori Kanjiya and Kaho; this movie is like a mix-tape that was made by a drunk alien from outer space that listens to jpop everyday. No main story nor narration what so ever. Just like a mix tape, each short story has its own taste of comedy. Soothing effect from the music. Weirdly brilliant!

Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – 6.9
Violent, dark and surprisingly entertaining movie from the Johnny Depp + Tim Burton combination. I never liked musical movies, and Sweeney Todd does not made me change camps. The film is sometimes too serious, making it ridiculous and silly.

Meet The Spartans – 4.0
This film failed miserably as a comedy/parody movie because the jokes are not funny, repetitious, predictable and not creative at all. A parody seldom work when you copy the exact story line of the original source. The only joke that I found funny is when the main character kicked Britney Spears (holding her baby) into the abyss of darkness and ending up killing her and her heritage. Most of the jokes are basically bad slapstick ones, and it’s very, very dumb. Do yourself a favour and choose to punch your own nuts instead of watching this movie.

Jumper – 7.0
The trailer for the film is so cool; I just can’t help it but felt excited prior to seeing the movie. Unfortunately, this film failed to live up to the hype; and the main reasons to that are the weak story, sluggish scene progression and lack of focus. The poor acting does not help either. With that said, this is not total garbage because there are some moments that were cool, but its full potential was seriously hurt by the problem that I mentioned earlier. Just wait for Jumper 2.

Ayat-Ayat Cinta – 6.0
This Islamic-value-themed movie starts by introducing the main character as a young muslim who believes in his faith strongly and upholds Islamic values to the highest place. Not believing in the practice of dating, he decides carefully on the way he interacts with women; in hoping to find the right wife according to the Islamic ways. Yes, the first half of the film was quite interesting. Later on, his faith was put to the test when 4 women of different backgrounds entered his circle of interests; and this is confusing for the young muslim guy because weather you’re muslim or not, every young man and women is very horny to fuck. Unfortunately each character in the film lack depth and you just don’t care what will happen to them, except the main character Fahri. The film has little budget, and it shows in the fake Egyptian setting and the horrible camera work; and this really affected the realism of this Indonesian film. Bad acting, countless plot holes and lack in believability had severely damaged this potentially good film; making it no more better than a decent Philippine drama series that you could watch everyday during lunch break on RTM2. When I finished watching the movie, I cannot help myself but felt being cheated by the pretty o-goody Islamic shell that the movie possesses; the only Islamic thing about the whole movie is the (fake) setting! Take that out and all that is left is nothing but a mediocre love story; and you'll be scratching your head trying to find value of love in the movie because it was so thin. Watching this movie is like eating a cheap bubblegum; yummy at first but your expectations were betrayed fairly quickly. Is this a terrible movie? No. It definitely resonate good Islamic messages and portrayed a rather unique issue. Is it a waste of my time? Yes. It’s boring, too long and lack focus; resulting in the lost of interest to follow the jumpy storylines. They should have made this into a theatre instead; the music screams EPIC!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

hunting for jobs

i've made it to the final year of my degree.

with that, comes a whole lot of other head scratching headaches. the one i'm focusing right now is to find a decent company that would hire me. it's really confusing.

a lot of the japanese companies are starting to search for next years graduates to be hired come spring 2009; and i just hope i find a decent enough company that could introduce me to the realities of the working world.

this sucks.

this sucks because although i do want to work, i don't know what kind of a job i'm interested in. i don't really know what kind of a job engineers do. i know shit. nothing at all.

and this is the main reason why i am having a problem to decide which company i want to try; i don't know what i'm interested in. and this is a big problem. i have to find some elements in the mechanical engineering world that i like.

hmmm.... lets see....

i actually like programming (laser) cutting robots and i also find aeronautics in vehicular designs interesting. plus, next-generation engines that utilizes alternative energy is another thing that i am very interested in. i wanna build engines that are eco-friendly! yay!

or should i just forget about being an engineer, and be a stripper in kabukicho instead? the japanese homosexuals and rich but lonely, old businesswomen will love me. those bastards.

anyways, one way or the other, i am staying in japan after graduating. i want to work in japan. i want to experience working in one of the most stressful society in the world (i hope that's a BIG ASS lie). and i want the paycheck to be BIG, because i am ready to work HARD.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

long johns

hi kids! today i have a fun game to play! click the picture below to enlarge it and try to spot what is so funny about the picture! it's harmless fun, so tell your friends to play too!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Moving out. Changing residence. What a pain in the ass.

I moved out from the akita university’s foreign student dormitory on the 25th of march and it took me so much time to clean up the mess I made during my 1 year stay at the dormitory; and it took more time to set up my new place and put my stuff together and eventually configure everything out so that I could start living in the new apartment.

It took me one week for everything to be set up correctly. I just got internet yesterday, and finally figured out how to set up my HDTV’s antenna to receive digital broadcasting correctly. I got all my stuff into the right place and finally could start living like a normal human being again.

With helping other people move out and trying to clean my own mess, it has been a very busy week, and I hope this new home of mine does not have any voodoo shit or any bad luck lingering between the thin main door and the kitchen sink. I hope the time that I am going to spent inside this new home is for the better purpose; none evil nor sick.

I hope this new home would be a great place as my new base of operations, and I pray everything is going to be OK. Next semester, I am going to have so much fun, I’ll forgot to zip my pants everytime I took a crap in the nearest konbini’s toilet.

At last, I could continue blogging again! All hail the internetszzz!

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